Iron farming

I never thought that could happen but I managed to run out of money respeccing wayyy too much, so what’s a good way to grind iron late game?

Certain bounties give you a good chunk of iron. Also just killing lots of stuff and selling their greens will give a good profit. There’s also certain areas where Treasure Troves spawn, so you could farm there while getting your greens to sell.

Pre-AoM I was farming Loxmere for gold (and daggers obviously). Each run takes ~3 minutes and you get a ton of MIs on the way even if Lox didn’t spawn.
I think the rate was like 500k in an hour or two.
In AoM running through uniques which drop Krieg’s set is the way to go, since AoM locations seem to rain rares and MIs. But might be worse than Lox farming if you aren’t geared properly.

I get iron bits from farming in crucible. Finish gladiator 150th floor give a huge chunk of money and you could complete 130-150 in about 8-15 mins. from 100-150 about 25-30 mins(Solo).

If you have party or random join good party it’ll be a lot faster.

I think crucible would be the best iron farm if you can push high and repeat that multiple time.

If you have Crucible look no further