Is bleed really still Mogdrogen's weakness?

Now i know a Poison WH with a fuck-ton of kiting and patience can kill Ultimate Mogdrogen.
Bleed is again a great DoT to work with, unfortunately i didn’t notice much difference in performance when going Bleed. I read in some thread that he has perfect resistances (all have same value) for all types except for Bleed and Lightning. His Lightning resistance is insanely high while his bleed resistance is low.
I know from a recent thread i made that his lightning resistance is still pretty high (Credits to forum member Ceno for providing the info). But i am beginning to think he isn’t less resistant to bleeding.

You’ll notice a distinct lack of Bleed Resist listed (defensiveSlowBleeding is the term used in the records).

…but he does passively get it nowadays through one of his passives.

So no, he’s no longer weaker to Bleed than anything else. Except Lightning. He’s still more resistant to Lightning than anything else.

Ceno Datamining Inc. strikes out again. :smiley:

Check his passive. :wink:

Zantai’s impatience strikes out again. :3

Sneak edit strikes again.

For the record, he never was weaker to bleeds.

Edit: my mistake. He was actually briefly weak to bleeds when he first came out, which was fixed a month later.

Thanks again, atleast i know now that i won’t be wasting my time trying to make him bleed.

So he always had that passive?

Ah, okay.