Is DW ranged weak early game or is it weak in general?

The faster attack speed seems nice when clearing trash mobs but it doesn’t seem so good when kiting other enemies especially faster moving ones. Any opinions on this?

DW ranged is better for procs like Burning Rounds in Inquisitor tree and two handed is better for kiting. If you don’t have procs, two handed weapon is way better, otherwise dual wield.

I like gunslinging , i have a cold gungslinger infiltrator, a chaos darkblaze pyro, a fire dagallon purifier and now i’m working on a vit defiler with gargabol cucumb…erm guns. They all good endgame.

Dw doesn’t look weak end game to me.

lightning and fire have tons of support on the right class combinations, cold comes up lacking given there’s no skill based auto attack replacer.

and elemental is just a meme

I have a really fun DW Darkblaze Pyromancer, easy to play and has high survivability in dungeons; have even killed Aleksander with it. There are only a few monsters that resist chaos, that’s why it’s quite successful end-game.

What do you mean by that? I’ve been trying to figure out a build for DW ranged and I keep coming back to elemental.

elemental damage is in quite a good position now thanks to inquisitor