Is hardcoding possible in grim dawn?

E.g. Can I modify the base behavior of a template? To what extend do we have access to the code base? For those who are familiar with some diablo 2 mods, there are mods out there that hardcode how the game works at a more fundamental level that is not accessible through text files (e.g. custom events, custom conditions, gear that works in a way that’s not accessible for text file modders - median xl sigma has some custom made stuff for example).

Basically, I want to create from scratch my own abilities (for example, frozen orb from diablo 2), but there’s no skill template in grim dawn that works remotely similar to the frozen orb, so I would need to code myself a new template. Wondering if that’s possible.

I hope I explained myself well enough.

No, you cannot change the behavior of a template.

Not even create new ones from scratch?

No, you cannot create new ones either. Behind each template there is some code that ‘understands’ the template, so you changing it or coming up with new ones is not likely to work. There is basically no template we ever could change successfully yet, apart from adding more skill slots to the skilltree.

Excuse me for being crude because I have no idea what happens in the back, but do we have access to the code that understands the templates? Is that compiled code we can’t reverse engineer?

If we had access, we could change it and my answer would have been different :wink:

It is compiled code, if you are fine with injecting code into it, anything is theoretically doable, see Grim Internals.
If you go down that route you probably can add new templates (I would not recommend changing existing ones), but it would be a lot of work.
There is no way to do this without going down that route. If that is something you are comfortable with, you can give it a shot…