Is it possible to get rid of non m.i. loot in SR/Crucible?

I mean stuff like “preserver” or “redeemer”. I think those kind of items can carry you thru campaign as placeholders but seeing them as the reward for endgame areas is a bit frustrating. They are just cluttering the floor and nobody is going to pick them up ever.

What do you think?

EDIT: If loot filter solves this problem completely then nevermind!


I think you should use the loot filter. Out of sight, out of mind.

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I sometimes use non MI loot on a new character. That would be a bad idea. You do have a loot filter.

Wrong topic, this one is about endgame loot. Nobody farms high SR/crucible with a new char

I sometimes wear them, especially jewellery, even at max level simply because I haven’t found anything better.

i see you never had to actually farm for money outside GDstash in a while


The only time I ever see these pieces of gear anymore is if I switch to an old character that I last played before the loot filter was implemented :smiley: And then I’m all surprised by these new, wondrous gear models I’ve never seen in my inventory before.