Is it possible to make a game with thousands of individual villagers

Is it possible to make a game with thousands of villagers, where every villager is individual doing something. Like bringen wood to storage, searching for food, is unhappy, etc.

Or is this impossible, no matter which cpu you have? I mean games like RimWorld solve this by automatically starting hard events, if you have too many villagers. Banished and Forest Village still stutter, if you have too many villagers.

Every other game with 1k+ pop dont have individual chars, like SimCity, etc.

Do someone know any game, with 1k+ individual chars, which not stutter?

I believe FF is capped at 1k villagers atm, but the limit will be raised at release.

I honestly wish they would let us hide the villagers based on certain filters, with a toggle for “All”, “Filtered”, or “None” so you can quickly switch like you do villager/raider names. I would love to be able to turn off all the villagers except for laborers or builders for example. I don’t need to see all the others running around sometimes. It would greatly help on performance too.

i dont think that will help that much, because the gpu is not the problem, as far as i know. you can set the settings low, fps low, etc. that is solveable.

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Indeed. While it might help “slightly” the game (and your CPU) still has run all the activity regardless even if its visually hidden. It still has to crunch those numbers and manage those villagers actions regardless.


HOW do you switch villager and raider names on/off. I don’t see a control for this?

Click the F3 button several times and observe the results.

There’s a mod for that if you want to go beyond the 1,000 villager hard-cap right now. Probably not a lot of fun with 20 seconds per frame. :wink:

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Heh. My computer would explode before I hit 1k anyways…