Is it possible to make specific skills auto target "large HP" enemies?

Can’t remember if I brought this up before

I have a habit of miss-clicking when casting “Mark of Torment” or “Storm Box of Elgoloth” even on large enemies. When the screen fills up with multiple procs identifying what can or can’t be targetted is very difficult specially if the enemy themselves is moving around.

Would it be possible to make it so “these skills” auto target the enemy with largest HP upon activating the skill?

sounds nice, but idk. kinda dont want the game to be to easy imo

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I doubt the engine can do that but even if it could, I agree with @Jameselliott it would be too easy. Both skills you mentioned are too powerful to be auto-targeting.

While I do agree with you that it can be difficult to target bosses and heroes within large trash mobs, I also think this can be mitigated by good piloting. When I see myself being overwhelmed by too many targets, I try to use movement skills to back out and gain some time for proper aiming. I also try to pay attention to the top of the screen where the name of current target is displayed. It’s probably just a matter of practice.

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