Is it worth playing with a Controller? And a Few noob questions


I am really enjoying this game, My wife and I play most nights. Currently playing in Elite Finally getting to see some legendary gear drop, not for my class but I do keep my fingers crossed :slight_smile:

1 How do you respect your Dev Tree ? is there a way?
2 Is it worth buying a controller to play?
3 is there any way to reset faction?


  1. Yes, info in the game guide

Resetting Devotion Points

                      If you change your mind about the Constellations you have unlocked,  you can visit the Spirit Guide to unlearn Devotion Points for a fee plus  an Aether Crystal. 

If you unlearn a Celestial Power this way, it will retain all of the Experience you have accrued on it.

         [i]             Note that you cannot unlearn Devotion Points invested in a  Constellation that provides you an Affinity bonus which you need to  maintain another Constellation.             [/i]
         [i]             However, a Constellation can potentially support itself with its own  Affinity bonus if you remove points from earlier Constellations. In that  case, you will not be able to remove points from it unless you fulfill  the Affinity requirements through other means.             

[/i] To learn more about the Spirit Guide, visit the Service NPCs page.

There are rumors that the most powerful enemies in all of Cairn sometimes carry Tonics of Clarity, which can completely reset all of your spent Devotion Points.

  1. Very much indeed it’s one of the best control setups I’ve ever used in an arpg, there’s a thread here with all the info and set ups.

  2. No, you can choose a different faction in each difficulty, but once chosen it’s fixed for that difficulty.

Hope this helps and welcome to Grim Dawn :smiley:

Thanks for the info

Worth buying a controller to play? That’s largely up to whether you want to use controllers or not. Personally, I see no reason whatsoever to use a controller, or what would make it “worth it”.

I would never spend money on getting a controller for a game made for mouse and keyboard, and I’d never get a game made for controllers.

It can be, yes. The 360 controller works very well if you decide to go that route but I suggest looking into the Steam controller. It’s much easier to use and navigate the game and has an advantage over other controllers in this area, especially once you’ve gotten used to it.

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50 bucks for the steam controller and yes its worth it 100%. The default controller config is one the of the best I have used for any game.

Yup, the Steam Controller is great with this game. I haven’t really tried Crate’s default config, but I love using my own custom config. It allows me to emulate M&Kb controls extremely well while having the comfort of a controller.

I tried the game with the 360 controller, as I usually prefer direct control/movement over click-to-move. And yes, the controller is great, I feel, for moving, and rotating the camera.

However, I didn’t like the auto-targeting you get with the controller. If there’s a pack of monsters, you have to attack whichever the game picks for you. Often times, in the middle of a battle, if you’re constantly changing direction, the game will target a random breakable (rock on the ground, etc.) I was using a blademaster, and it was frustrating to try to target healing/ranged mobs behind a pack with shadowstrike, using a controller.

So I went back to m/kb mostly because it allowed precise selection of mobs. I bound the rotate camera to my side buttons (mouse 4&5) so that helped.

edit: I should also add, m/kb was much better for inventory, also, using the controller to move items between stash and inventory felt slower.

Not sure about the 360 but steam controller you target whatever is in front of you. So if you want to target something behind you just turn around. If something beside you just rotate your character. It takes some getting used to but once you do it gives you maybe 85% to 90% of the accuracy of a mouse.

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M/kb is in most circumstances more accurate and precise but at this point in my life I just want to sit on my couch lol. For that I’ll take a slightly less than perfect control scheme

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Naturally you lose some of the functionality of Blitz and SS and certain ranged/cast skills from targeting back row mobs but I’ve played with many of these on the controller and with some strategic maneuvering and positioning it isn’t that bad at all. You just have to approach it with a different mentality.

Most “light” inventory management is fairly quick and easy once you are familiar with the controls but if you are the type who is going to hoard and manage items often then yes, switching to mouse for it would likely be faster for that kind of work.

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I find taking constant damage while I’m trying some maneuvering and positioning is that bad, or at least bad enough when I can use the kb/m and avoid that damage by not having to maneuver/position in the first place. If anything, a kb/m allows me to be more strategic because I can precisely select targets quickly and efficiently - kill order is very effective, especially when dealing with healing mobs, and it’s simply faster and more efficient with a kb/m.

As for inventory, it’s not about “hording”. Even simply moving one item to the stash is slower on the controller because you have to click (right thumb-stick) to leave movement mode and enter the cursor mode. It makes the process slower. I wish there was a shortcut to just click an item to automatically send it to stash, that would be ideal and would be just as fast on kb/m as controller.

Trust me, I want to use the controller - I find it more comfortable. But the fact remains, the game is a point-and-click interface with controller support added on. I think Crate did an excellent job of making the controller very functional. But it’s simply not as efficient/effective as the kb/m. I’m just trying to point out those differences to the op. If they don’t care about those differences, then I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t use a controller.

With an arpg like this in my honest opinion I suggest sticking to a mouse it’s swifter. I pretty much play most of my games on an Asus Rog laptop instead of my main gaming rig that I turned into a media player hooked up to a big screen. It’s all something to think about…

While without some changes to how the UI and movement of items to/from bags/main inv works, then a kb/m will always be superior because it was designed that way, but when it comes to combat then it’s all down to a mixture of your build and how you play as to which is superior between the Pad and kb/m… and this is from a very long term dedicated kb/m mouse user (30+ years)

Yes if your build/playstyle involves precise targetting of individual mobs behind crowds, multiple skills and potions etc, then kb/m will always be a more effective control scheme. If on the other hand your playstyle is anything like 90% of most of my chars end up being regardless of masteries, which is the sort of melee “in your face”, “loads of passive/proc skills”, “please surround me so I can hit more at once and don’t have to chase any” type thug, I find it works as well if not better/faster than kb/m for combat… hold down one button and run round like a nutter :D:p

When it comes to the group with a hero/boss, depending on the make-up of the group, I’ll either run round clearing the trash first, or simply run through the trash and take out the hero/boss first.

The reason is quite simple really. Sitting at your computer is no where near as comfortable as lounging on a couch or recliner or even laying in a bed. Not rocket science really.

The PS4 pad with a free downloaded program DS4 works wonders.

The touch pad of the PS4 acts as a mouse when in UI mode so makes for quick movement.

It’s what I use and as a poster above said, for melee it is great, and I do use blitz and see no real disadvantage to using a pad. In fact one time my pad dc’d and as I was in the middle of clearing Homestead I really didn’t want to reset the game and start over so I continued with M/KB, gotta tell ya, for melee I found it far easier with a pad.

Can’t speak for casters though.

i tested with the xbox360 controler, but i m very more keyboard/mouse player :s

For a melee focused character I largely prefer playing with the controller. It’s more comfortable and much easier to dodge attacks.

For ranged and spell oriented characters, mouse and keyboard give more accuracy, but it’s great the game gives the option to play with the gamepad. I wish other games in the same genre did the same