Is it wrong...?

That I couldn’t stop laughing?


I’m actually out of the loop here, who the hell is this guy and why is it funny ?

Dunno. I just couldn’t stop chuckling while he was making his way to Galkaros because I knew what his build was about to experience.

If you don’t think a dude raging so hard he pours water all over his rig is funny, I have no rejoinder.

Props for his determination though.

I’m at work right now, can’t watch the full video. Honestly most Youtube builds are full kit wankers (usually Markovian, don’t know how they “farmed” these sets), doing Wightmire runs as proof of concept, so yeah.


Aw hell no, it’s not wrong.

If you can’t laugh at other people’s pain, then what’s the point to anything, really?

I cannot comprehend how he took so long to beat it. I didn’t have any problems at that boss with my Chaos-vit witch hunter with ~45% aether resist and 25% stun…

His analysis is pretty accurate when he does finally defeat Galakros.

Still not as long as when ZiggyD fought Ilgorr, the Eternal.