Is Lokarr farming still a thing?

Hey guys, I have not touched GD in a year what would be a good build to farm your way through HC these days?

I was in the middle of leveling a Lokarr farmer when i dropped GD and somehow never bothered to pick it back up. I think now is the time.

Any way to bring meself up to speed with recent itemization updates.

This build will whip you through the main campaign at the speed of light, if you’re looking to farm it for new items and complete all the areas quickly to get back up to speed.

HC viable Nightblade?


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It’s not a night blade in the sense that you’re thinking though, mainly it’s for the acid/poison and blade spirits (immortal pets).

The real star of the show in this build is oathkeeper and its immortal pet, Guardian of Empyrion. However, the build is also really flexible and can be modified in lots of different ways, so you could certainly explore going in more of a night blade direction with it… But the Guardians are essential.