Is multiplayer unbalanced? And if yes, what to do about it?

Heyho community,

I only once played grim dawn multiplayer, and not far at all. I saw some people writing things like “Multiplayer is easy mode” or similar things. Is it even easy in ultimate? (if anyone ever played so far), and if yes, is it only a slight difference, so that one person could go meme-tier and still be somewhat viable, or is it a major difference, where you could for example run two or more really bad builds and still get things done easily?

And what about SR/Crucible?

I saw a mod yesterday which increased difficulty in MP (scaling enemy health etc), gave more xp (let’s face it, always playing through veteran to get to a similar difficulty (elite), and then to ultimate is quite frustrating. With the more xp you could start in elite thanks to the merits with a brand new character and get to level 80+ (I guess) before hitting ultimate) etc.
I personally like the idea of the mod, but people new to the game might not properly learn it and get frustrated.
Just wanna hear your opinions on that matter. And well, maybe if you are looking for a multiplayer partner, I would love to.

Yes, it’s unbalanced because GD is basically a single player game with some multiplayer added on. And yes, Crucible/SR will be easier with a group than playing solo.

Not sure on the builds since I don’t multiplay.

Although this is true, i see no reason why multiplayer cant have a health boost on monsters.

25% per player seems way too low. Obviously 100% would be too much but something like 40%-50% per player seems more reasonable imo.

Which is why this exists.

MP is for people who want a crutch when farming with sub-endgame toons. Or for lazy people like me to quickly unlock SR75 for testing their old toons.

No reason to make it more difficult in official game. Use mods.

Funny. I would have said it’s more about enjoying playing with friends.


Still have to hit SR75. To be fair it feels rather bland… is there some spice on higher difficulties? Because now it feels like endless walking for hours, with a sprinkle of unecessary panic.

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What? Huh? I never heard of that! :rolleyes:

But seriously, ok. In that case +1. It could be more difficult. Many ppl asked for it.

But I thought this was the intent: to make it easier for people. And the reason why it was made so easy.

meme-tier is already viable depending on your standards for solo play.
If you want to make a team of 4 meme-tier builds then my suggestion is making sure your classes don’t overlap too much, so you benefit from shared auras, buffs, heals and debuffs.

Im pretty interested on this topic, as i focused on this in my mod aswell (MinDawn) i actually just set it to flat 100% per player (its 90% on normal in vanilla i dont see reason why it should be 100% on ultimate where u are minmaxing already) but other case in my mod is that whole world scales to 111-112 (bosses) which was meant to enhance the idea of multiplayer (as tank/aggro enchants exists in my mod, though i couldnt test them properly yet) it was aimed to attempt to achieve more like tank + glass cannon combos, or buffer setups to profit from shared auras n RRs, i still am not completely sure how stacking of same auras (for example ones from manticore devotion) works in mp so i couldnt test around that properly also. anyway since in the mod world scales this high, u need higher OA to be crit efficent, and higher DA to be uncritable, which was meant to enhance mp experience aswell.

anyway if any of u has any insights how it would be good to reach this goal (harder multiplayer more role based) message me please with yer insights, i would love to get some ideas from theorycrafters and implement it into the mod :x

but yeah base game mp is easy on ultimate and it probably should stay that way

Thanks for the tip. For solo, Is it? I sure would like to spam Chaos AAR, but I’ve done a build like that recently (Normal boring AAR). Oh well, maybe I will do that again in the future :smiley:

That mod sounds interesting, thought the less-rolebased mod from a quote yesterday looks also good enough for my needs. You should open up a thread to talk about that. I doubt many people will find their way into this convo.

You are not the first person to post a thread like this one and it is always the same answer that pops out. Grim Dawn is a solo game, there’s mod… Blah blah blah… It is strange that the devs do not listen to the community for this. They always defend themself with arguments that turn around statistics and profit $$$. It should be simple to implement an in game mode that support a traditional multiplayer difficulty that is more balanced. But no, because people at first, tell them that it would be better to set the multiplayer to an arcade and more funny/easy mindset, they let it like this and do not listen to the community that want a balanced multiplayer. That is strange from their part because they are very very goods devs with good ideas. They listen to the community a lot. So i do not understand why in this case, they do not care about us. Very very disapointing. Perhaps I do not know all the story here but it is very unclear why it is so hard to balanced the multiplayer or at least put an option to balanced it. And I don’t want to hear that there’s mod to add difficulty and stuff… Because mods are not the game, they are mods… We want an in game mode that every one can profit without downlaoding a particular thing that only 10 people Will use… In game option please. And buffs should not be shared, that is stupidly op… Thank you :slight_smile:

Interesting opinion. I do agree that multiplayer (after reading a lot about it) is a joke, but maybe the devs want to encourage modded content? I mean they said as far as I know that they would want the modding community to grow. This is why we have things like item filters or autopickup components (Which should’ve been included into the game, let’s be real.). But well, I will have to download a mod and my friends have to do the same. Anyway, you got solid points, I do have to agree. Challenging multiplayer is probably hell of a lot more fun than mindlessly pressing buttons.

You guys are overestimating how many people you think actually want harder content in multiplayer. The reality is people love bulldozing content for ez loot or levels.

It’s not a way to encourage playing mods, but if you have a specific playstyle, instead of begging devs to shift their vision, create a mod to match your own.

The irony is that a player made a poll about MP difficulty, and the results were overwhelmingly in favor of leaving it as is.

Tell me again about us ignoring players. :wink:

Or maybe we have a decent impression for what is best for the overall playerbase, which is why we “ignore” these requests. Telling people to make mods isn’t a joke. If a subset of players prefers things differently, we allow mods for a reason.

Oh wow, I thought most people were in favor of a harder multiplayer :o Good to know that. And cool to see ze head of ze forum on my thread :smiley:

i started the discussion about the mod here in case anyone from this convo wants contribute

Looks neat. So, does this mod somehow overlapp with singleplayer?
As a suggestion, adding +100% and leveling up the enemies sounds a bit too much, especially since they are still super vulnerable to debuffs. I know with the rolebased playstyle you could make some seriously dish-out damage builds, but some more tanky classes might feel less impactful. Maybe change the additional health per player to 70-80% but add like 10-20 OA/DA per player (Since you can debuff enemies. More players means more debuffs can be applied, and with an OA/DA buff this debuff combination is less powerful and more balanced). Also increasing enemy resistence to every type by +2-3& per player would be helpful (Doesn’t sound much, but an enemy with 80% resistence will have a 92% resistence against a specific damage type with a 4 player party. Some bosses already have over 100% resistence in like 1-2 types. I think they have this so that they can only be defeated with their own type if you debuff them, and as I said, additional points in resistences will make them more immune to debuffs).
I will also send you this via a Private Message. Thing is, I never get a notification when I get quouted, and I just want to make sure you see this. Also, do you maybe need a playtester?

That is because most people prefer easy games

multiplayer in GD is shit for me. GD is probably the best single player ARPG but at the same time the worst multiplayer ARPG - at least according to me