Is My Build Bad Or Is It My Piloting?

Ok, bit of a rant here. My Fucking Belgo BM is a useless piece of shit. It’s the most glassy build build I’ve played in SR 65-66, dying all the time for no reason. Or am I just that bad at piloting it? I honestly don’t know, but for a build with 33% damage reduction and like 3.4k armour plus nearly 40% phys res: it feels so damn glassy. And I don’t know what it is, I’ve tried tweaking it over and over again. Is Belgo just hard to play in general? Is Belgo just that bad with Blademaster? Please tell me, I have no clue and am nearly about to delete the damn rage-inducing character.


*Looks at stats *
*Looks at OA, DA *
*Looks at CC resists *

Not enough crit damage :sunglasses:

Seriously though, no clue… this looks solid to me on paper.
Although, I’m a fan of having at least 1 point in blade barrier as a panic button


Must be this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it’s my piloting but the build just feels very very bad to play. And it’s not like SR 65-66 is anything too hard, most builds should be able to handle it.

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looks solid on paper :thinking:

you could try zip it up and upload it - then i could try see if that paper handles as expected in my mediocre hands/someone could take it for a spin and see if it’s the same as you experiencce


Strange. Belgo eventually becomes a bit of a glass cannon in my experience but SR65-66 seems pretty early for this to be happening. This one has gotten me through 75-80 deathless with some ok reliability and it doesn’t seem noticably better than yours, in fact in some aspects it’s kinda questionable compared to yours (mainly on the devo side). Only things I can think of:
a) mine has more DA – since Belgo is so very melee maybe that could bump you up in survivability
b) a bunch more health – same thought, just raw tankiness
Both of these are largely down to stats. I’m of the opinion that going for Physique over damage stats is much more valuable in SR since being able to survive long-term is so crucial there. A difference in philosophy, both have merit, but if you’re looking for survivability, I’d maybe start here.

c) more stun res (doubt that’s the cause)
d) Ring of Steel – since melee is the name of the game for Belgo, that 44 % fumble from Circle of Slaughter can layer on top of your existing evasion for some solid melee survivability. Plus, Belgo isn’t overendowed on AoE damage, so Ring of Steel pulls double duty as both a tanking tool and a source of clear.

On the other hand, your build has more lifesteal, armor, phys res and 2% more RR (Scales vs Unchained Might RoS), plus the meaty damage boost from Cunning so in that kill fast or die fast environment that Belgo lives in, you should be killing faster, but also dying faster.


I tried to do belgothian set with infiltrator (did a heck of a better in survivability thanks to seal and renewal) and tactician (even worse than blademaster version, had to try it tho).

Yea I had like stable 3.1k OA and DA and 3k armor with some life steal and all crowd control resists over 80% except sleep and energy and disruption, and over 40% physical resist… still sucked. I lurked around forum quite a bit and we all agreed that chaos resist is a very big pain to fix unless u wear those anasterias pants for change but eh, cmon, getting those are hard and maybe not even worth it. Your rant is quite justified since I think the same. Belgo set kinda got upgraded but still falls short in deep shards, maybe add an inbuilt flat RR, so we can focus more in blasting defense procs but that is a pipe dream, I think. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice way of putting it. However I feel like the build doesn’t kill fast for some reason. Sure, it’s not bad but it’s not great. That’s why I went for cunning dump. I’ll try physique dump but that feels like heresy on a Belgo BM.

Sure, I’d have to figure out how to do that after work. I’m assuming just upload the zipped save file to google docs or smth?

Glad to hear I’m not the only one! :+1:t3:

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I guess it depends on how you measure that. SR timer? Training dummy dps? General feel?

What instilled in me the feeling of Belgo BM having really solid DPS and being essentially a glass cannon was performance in Seeker of the Damned SR chunks. The thing has consistently high resistances against everything and it’s pretty easy to measure how you’re DPSing based on how many shield phases you have to go through. Belgo BM was the first character I took through endgame and it’s been a real eye-opener playing any character after that. Belgo, even with Physique dump, was juuuuust barely able to kill the Seeker after just 1 shield phase. If I had bad mutators, it was 2 shield phases at most, with the last phase kicking in at around 5-10 % health left With most other characters, even those I’d rate much higher in power level than Belgo BM, I always have to go through at least 3 shields.

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General feel is pretty lacklustre dps imo, especially in SR.

can post a zip direct to the forum post, but google drive etc works too

Hey @Foehammer , I managed to build something pretty decent. I added the bear devotion this time, which honestly feels like it helps a lot. I think ravager is easily doable, I got it down to 20% then died but it was a pretty quick fight, less than 2 minutes…

Anywho, here is the build I scrapped up:

Hope it helps with your build of belgo set! :smiley:


Hey @FlamingX21 ! Thanks for this, I’ll test it later!

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Here’s the file if anyone wants to take it for a spin. In the meantime I downloaded afanasenkov’s aether Spellbreaker, just to see what it felt like in SR. Despite not being used to the build I did a very comfy 75-76 run. I’m sure the GDstashed gear didn’t hurt but still, if I built it with legit gear it still feels waay better than Belgo I bet.

Belgo is indeed surprisingly squishy, but that being said you should be able do 65-66 comfortably and don’t see why this guy couldn’t. I tried 65-66 run on ultimate on my hc bm which has pretty solidgear, but is far from great and still wearing a number of faction items :stuck_out_tongue: Sketchy and certainly possible to die, but was doable.

Few things on my list to fix on this guy

  1. Not going ring of steel+slaughter is pure madness to me. Fumble, impair, and big heal vs mobs
  2. War cry is very inconsistent due to cd/duration gap and also cost a decent number of points. HIGHLY suggest getting a Tyrant’s dermapteran slicer for SR farming on belgo.
  3. Redeemer of malmouth is a poop weapon to put it nicely. Even with nadaan, set bonus, and amulet it’s still not full pierce xD Even decent-good derma slicer is a lot more damage and we can get that tyrant’s prefix for safety. If you get a rly good ones it blows this shit out of the water to put it kindly. Srsly even some puncturing of alacrity horseshit one is more weapon damage
  4. For other gear both rings care replaced imo by some decent vine ring which give a lot more consistent damage if you get flat damage on them or big % rolls. Pain in the arse to farm, but not too bad really. Belgo proc is at least nice on monster shards, but honestly think bladetwister is pretty useless overall. Even against boss it’s not so great. Also prefer blade dancer gloves though these are fine. Grava pants for +night’s chill if possible and the aether res is always needed on belgo.
  5. Zolhan > Shears. Hits more targets, hits very hard, and doesn’t have poop animation.
  6. Also why we not binding whirling death to a devotion? Whirling+Zolhan is deal, but execution is just no bueno

Hey thanks for the response man! Some good points, I’ll tweak some stuff and try to farm a Derma slicer with Tyrants and switch Bladetwister.

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No prob! Also I forgot one thing. I am not a fan of this amulet unless we’re either maxing spirits or lack anything else. A mogara amulet with a flat damage prefix is pretty easy to nab and is a big damage boost. I would go a dmg mogara amulet or a good kaisan ammy if you have one. I don’t think I’d use some basic bitch kaisan amulet that didn’t offer us something substantial as it’s costly dmg wise and we can make it work w/o the points

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Another point on dps, you seem to be missing Ulzaad which is a pretty big boost to Belgo. Switching gloves to Myth Grasp of Unchained might with Ring of Steel( to get flat RR from RoS, best to put 1 point in RoS+ 1 point in CoS for the fumble) and ditching Scales will get you the points needed for Ulzaad. I bind it to War cry which makes for a sick burst dmg for bosses.

Setup I’m using as a sample : Blademaster, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator


Made some adjustments, build now feels much better in the farming range I wanted, SR 65-66. Did three runs deathless, one run was with bad muts too. No damage reduction now but more raw damage. Also, funny how much better Zolhan’s is over Belgo Shears, the difference is quite noticeable.