Is Ravager not possible with Spellbreaker?

I stacked DA to 2.9K, highest i can go and 11k hp, got one shotted with a 13k crit once his hp goes <50%. Since we cant chain mirror anymore this seems impossible unless someone has a set up for it?

You need 3322 DA for uncritability vs. Ravager of Minds with his 264 DA debuff applied.

No idea how can i get that 500 more DA :L It seems purging the debuff does nothing. Would be nice if anyone can show me a grimtool set up for spellbreakers to solo ravager.

I’d hazard a guess that a pblades build abusing haunt’s life leech RR might be the most straightforward option. Otherwise a LOTS OF STATS DW setup.

DA is not everything, he can reduce your physical resist by 55%, and armor won’t save you in this case. If you have 3k armor, just assuming you have that value, he still does at least 40% increased physical damage, and as he deals 5k damage on average, he’ll deal around 7k with your physical resist debuffed, and I assumed you have 15% physical resist, add crit to that, add additional skills to that.

Lure him out, use Blade spirits to bodyblock, shoot to death from safe distance. Easy.

Lol, and added bonus to the newly immortal Blade Spirits . :rolleyes:

Well 3% physical resist here :rolleyes: honestly it looks pretty impossible as spellbreaker. Literally a 13k crit slap on my face no matter how much lifesteal i got.

Im not shield or solder based class so it looks like cant tank at all :confused:

You realize you’re playing a class with among the most available Physical Resist, right?

i hate when people glitch it out like that and call it a day.

Is like a pet build i saw stuck ravager in a corner somehow and when i try it he immediately slaps a 10k crit back to back killing my cablist while also giving out huge bleed aoes :mad:

Unless im mistaken, isn’t witchblade having a much easier time getting physical resist? May be ghoulish hunger on CDR breaker, but it wont trigger if i just outright dies without even reaching low hp.

Theres mirror and blade barrier chaining on spellbreaker but it can only last so much. He one shotted me through the overcapped Mavien too.

Dual Blades gives substantial physical res.

Ah yes, im sadly soulrend CDR spellbreaker, quite squishy :confused:

it’s going to be a massive departure from normal gearing, but it’s certainly doable if you stack enough of the stats the task demands

At that point i might as well give duelwield a go. Sadly it is so gear intensive with the MI greens.

A Soulrend Spellbreaker can do much, very much, maybe you’ll not be able to facetank Ravager, but you can be a super solid kiter. I had my second or third build a Soulrend Trickster, I had shitty gear and everything, and when Kra’Val (the kraken) came out, he literally could oneshot me, but I managed to kill him multiple times because I learned how to kite. Just in case you’re curious, my build looked like this:

I believe you can make a super strong Spellbreaker, using some items that provide bonus to all skills, it can work pretty damn good. Here’s an example build that would definitely face Ravager, or at least could kite him very effectively
You just have to add Devotions (which I didn’t because I think it’d be easy enough for you) and finish your gear with resistances. You have 13 spare skill points which you can use however you’d want to. Nemesis and Blade Spirits will cockblock Ravager very often and thus help you get away if he hits too much. Maiven Sphere is the key in that build.

If you can’t get some items from my link, just either GDStash them or trade for them.