Is the Gildor pulveriser broken?

i was trying a build based on a uncommon fire gun from the messenger.
The one that makes war cry deal fire dmg and make vire might deal more base dmg.

but i stumbled across the pulvuriser and i usealy just trash it when i get it… because well its not that good.

however… i think its broken. might not be.

The X % elemental dmg to piercing dmg also seems to affect retalation dmg…
it doesn’t show on the item description, but i notice most my elemental dmg swaping to piercing dmg and also most of my lightning retal from Dawnbreaker amulet and shoulders plates being converted to piercing retal.

and also seems to add some in the process…
cause if it is working the way i am thinking it is working… then a nightblade / oathkeeper should be a pretty interesting build on that weapon…

I believe all global conversion also affect retaliation damage.

I’ve an Idea about making pierce VM dervish using that weapon and the new Goredrinker sets some times ago, but something about it is lacking that I don’t keep the grimtools.

This is working as intended. For example you could combine that item and/or a number of others to see 100% convert for both normal and retaliation damage. The retaliation damage convert doesn’t show up on the sheet but will be correct in play; you can look at the sheet to see what to expect for numbers, though. Retaliation % is usually consistent for all types.