Is the soldier tree too focused on Internal Trauma?

Or are the other classes lacking some synergy with Internal Trauma? My soldier classes always end up feeling like Soldier with something tagged onto it, or like another class with Soldier tagged onto it; only picking up the universally useful buffs from one of the classes and not touching their damaging skills.

It feels like all the damage in the soldier tree is built around Internal Trauma, but outside of Warder I have trouble finding synergy with the Soldier tree. Most classes don’t care about Internal Trauma and don’t have skills of their own with Internal Trauma on it. It makes it pretty difficult to pair other class active skills with Soldier builds.

trauma can be converted to other damage over time types just like physical can. it’s a bit more limited since aether, chaos and pierce don’t have a DoT type.

been playing a battlemage (among many other characters) recently and used forcewave with a few different conversion effects (IEE, star pact, blessed steel, conversion on weapon) and it looks like the trauma damage on the 2nd forcewave modifier skill is also converted to burn/frostburn/electrocute. i guess the same would be true for other conversions and other trauma sources (other than the tyypes that don’t have an associated dot)

Is the soldier tree too focused on Internal Trauma?


Sure, Soldier is focused on physical and trauma damage. As for synergy - Occultist gives the most, because CoF reduces physical resist (the most important thing to improve your trauma ticks). Also, Inquisitor is suddenly good, because he gives large amount of crit damage (seal+deadly aim), which is very strong for DoT ticks.