Is there a Gladiator viable true hybrid (melee/caster) build?

Currently I have a DK(phys cadence, transitioning into aether krieg once I find Mindwarp) and Warder(avenger savagery) level 100 who are not completely geared out but are already able to hold their own until Glad 150 and allow me to somewhat efficiently farm form mythical legendaries.

However in the longer playing sessions I noticed that lack of engagement these two classes offer for me personally. The Warder is very much a one button wonder where basically all damage comes from Savagery right click spam with some movement/debuff (Blitz, War Cry mostly) abilities inbetween. The DK being a little bit more engaging with at least currently 2 active defensive skills as well as Blitz and War Cry spam.

Now to my actual question: Which builds could you recommend that feature a gladiator viable melee/caster playstyle which is mainly up in the enemies face but also has some nice strong (maybe flashy?) skills/spells on a cooldown to help mow down hordes of enemies as well as provide a ranged option? Preferably a build that works without crazy rolled MIs and can (reasonably) function without 100% of all required legendaries.

Thank you for your help!

EDIT: The inquisitor class specifically peeked my interest with his Aura of Censure -RR for anything elemental as well as the tankiness provided by it and the inquisitor seal. I would not be sure with what to best combine it to get both melee and caster options when fighting though. Don’t feel limited by Inquisitor when providing suggestions though, I am pretty much very interested in all other classes as well. Maybe putting less attention on Soldier since I already have two of them.

I don’t imagine build fitting your reqirements better than this.

[] Gwynevere - 2H Tremor Forcewave tactician, Gladiator farmer

Ranged attacks - checked.
Hybrid melee + caster - checked.
Gladiator viable - checked.
Bunch of nukes on cooldown - checked.

pretty much most inquis/necro arcanist/ shaman tend to be hybrid

There are literally so many it’s hard to name them. Most builds in AoM are actually, because crate crated this trend with new items.

It’s just that you will not find the term hybrid in the title.

So you need to decide on the class combo you want and search for the build you like most. You said inquis so 80% are hybrid there at least

@veteranga really? :stuck_out_tongue:

And FW is not even that much of a hybrid there are so many other inquis builds in the compendium

@veteranga really? :stuck_out_tongue:

And FW is not even that much of a hybrid there are so many other inquis builds in the compendium

Technically this build is hybrid, with Forcewave as a ranged spell and other skills as melee nukes :slight_smile:
You’re right, there are many good builds.

I’ll one up n00b veretragna here -

Yes! That’s what I call a good hybrid. Hands down

I haven’t really expanded on this post, but i might soon.

Well since everyone is selling their hybrids, here is mine. Looking at it now, damn, just 2 pages, sad :cry:

Thank you everyone for your builds! This should keep me busy for a while :slight_smile: Very nice archetypes in there I have to say!

There’s also Jajaja’s Electrocute Warder - the one I like to call the Electrocuddler…

Has good flexibility in both playstyle and gearing options, kites when it can’t tank, and has no problems with reflective bosses/mobs because of totems and summons.