Is there a guide to which level each area caps out at?

Hi guys

Is there a guide anywhere that lists the max level that an area caps out at? for instance i got the “Strange Key” yesterday on my new Warlock, went in but due to the scaling everything was much higher than him and i had no chance vs the boss in there, so ive decided to go back later. If i am correct there is a level these mobs become trivial right?

Im pretty sure there are other scaling areas like this in game? is there a list of them and what level they cap out at in each difficulty? the reason i ask is because they have 1 shot chests in some of them i think? so would be good to go back at the highest level suitable to get the chests :slight_smile:

AFAIK there is no complete guide to it. I have, however, compiled some incomplete data for Veteran awhile back:

Location / Max Level

Festering Lair 20
Warden’s Chest/Ominous Lair 30
Hallowed Hill 40
sunken reliquary 50
depraved sanctuary 40
spined cove 25
swarming hive 40
cronley 35
misery (SoT) 50
darkvale 50
Royal Hive 50
conflagration 50

For the vast majority of the game, the level min/max on the monsters is so broad that you will bever encounter a problem.

The ONLY areas in that game which you can accidentally wander into when massively underlevelled are in act 1, such as the cult place. And the smugglers basin with that boss in it.

The only other place i can think of is the steps of torment past the skeleton key door. Or maybe if you repair a bridge far too early and go somewhere past where you should be

The question wasn’t regards that, the OP states they want to get the highest level drops from each chest, hence the max level of each area.

I did have a list of about 3/4 of the areas, but I made this while the game was in development and now it’s released a lot of the areas were changed regards the mobs max level as the full content was available and I haven’t ever gone back and re-done all the areas