Is there a way to flag something for repair?

Basically the title? I’ve got a Saw Pit that’s at the point of being condemned and I want the builders to focus on that before it does go dark; I see no focus button though (or a repair building button) so do I just need to cancel all of my builds until they fix stuff? I’ve currently got 6 builders.

Nope. It’s a bug, but hopefully a fix is on its way soon.

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being able to prioritize repairs on a specific building would be an amazing improvement

I actually just found a bit of a workaround. I had a blizzard roar through and destroy a number of buildings and triggered a bunch to be condemned. I started tearing down and rebuilding everything, then on a whim I hit the “relocate building” button, and dropped it on the same footprint, and it worked! The builders came and did their thing, and now I have working buildings again!