Is there a way to have an active skill auto-toggled On when it is an item skill whenever the item is equipped?

I’d like to have an item that can autocast an active skill whenever it is equipped. Is that possible? I’m struggling to find details on the full array of autocast options. Thanks for any advice.

Yes. there is an autocast controller type called “OnEquip” that does exactly what you want to achieve.

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Ahh thanks very much. Got that working. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to have the effect I was hoping for in that the same active skill is applied and maintained multiple times for each equipped item that provides it. I don’t suppose you know a way around that restriction? As far as I can tell OnEquip isn’t used at all by anything in GD itself therefore perhaps the autocontroller for that has this “bug”?

You can duplicate the item’s skill dbr and reference each one only by one item. If you don’t put exclusiveSkill to true in the skill’s skill config group, this should give you the buff multiple times when you equip multiple items while displaying you having the same buff active multiple times.

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Ahh great. Marking exclusive fixed it for me, thanks!