Is there an equivalent build to POE's Death Aura?

Probably the most comfortable build for me to farm is the Death Aura, from Path of Exile game, I saw by chance a video of another player testing a similar build, still in elite difficulty, it remains to be seen how effective it will be in legendary difficulty, his current calculator is this one:

How feasible is a build like the Death aura that works in legendary as well? is it possible to start it without specific equipment, from normal difficulty (like a beginner’s build), until you reach legendary and find the top equipment for maximum effectiveness? that in case such a build is feasible, in the videos I’ve seen of that person seems to work very well, if anyone is interested in seeing them:

He has 4 or 5 more testing the build, but as I said, still on elite difficulty, in fact in that video I ask him about the build, and I’m interested to know, from the experts, how such a build would be built from scratch.

aura builds are viable in GD, easy enough to level, not the best performance wise endgame, less so if you adamantly refuse any actives
rektbyprotoss? also has some aura builds iirc
there are vindictive flame/counter strike builds too etc
usually you don’t go 100% passive, because it’s just slower and lower dmg, but it’s technically possible depending on your tolerance frame

as far as building something like that it’s pretty simple, atleast for levelling purposes
pick a class that has double dmg auras, get items that boost or modify them, if possible stack additional item granted dmg aura skills like the chest he has in that one

as for masteries with dmg auras or such type effect
Soldier: Counter Strike (requires being hit + has a cooldown) Counter Strike - Item skill modifiers - Grim Dawn Item Database
Demolitionist: Vindictive Flame and Ulzuin’s Wrath (requires being hit + has cooldown) Vindictive Flame - Item skill modifiers - Grim Dawn Item Database
Nightblade: Night’s Chill Veil of Shadow - Item skill modifiers - Grim Dawn Item Database
Inquisitor: Aura of Censure Aura of Censure - Item skill modifiers - Grim Dawn Item Database
Necromancer: Spectral Wrath (requires being hit + cooldown)
Oathkeeper: Heart of Wrath for Judgment (requires activation first+has cooldown), Celestial Presence aura for Guardians
Summon Guardian of Empyrion - Item skill modifiers - Grim Dawn Item Database
^note: only items with RR affects celestial presence aura portion of guardians (the rest buff Guardians directly), and Celestial Presence doesn’t stack from multiple guardians

as for items with aura dmg skills
Horns of Ekket'Zul - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database higher level version exist too
Rune Armor of Ignaffar - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database higher level version exist too
Shard of Asterkarn - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database myth version does not have dmg aura
Empyrion's Mercy - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database higher level version exist too
Tainted Ruby of Gar'dal - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database higher level version exist too
Avatar of Chaos - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database higher level version exist too
Glacier - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database pseudo aura dmg, passive activated buff triggering aoe, similar to counter strike/vindictive flame and spectral wrath effects
Seal of Blades - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database weapon component, aura dmg stacks if used in both hand slots

Thank you very much for all the information, very detailed, it is appreciated.

A build like this, “with the best possible equipment”, would be able to do all the content? or would it be more focused on farming certain enemies because it is not the best option to do everything the game offers? I don’t know if I understand.

depends how you build it and what your goals are,
someone could probably make a totally passive aura build that clears even Celestials, with enough patience
whether it would be fun or “tolerable” i couldn’t say
here is an older example of a passive VF+censure build that was good enough to clear Crucible at the time with some patience (over 2x as slow as meta time) [] Peaceful warrior: no attack, no spell attack, no retal meme Purifier build. 150-170 clear (+actually strong, endgame-viable version)

i don’t remember how far RektbyProtoss aura focused, infiltator?paladin? got, but iirc it atleast cleared ultimate HC, you would have to check his YT channel to see [HC] Build & Guide Collection by RektbyProtoss

again, 100% passive aura builds like the agrivix purifier banana demonstrated is a bit more on the rare side, simply because adding player actives drastically improves things, another ex [] Peaceful warrior goes on the offensive

from my own experience you should atleast be able to cobble together a semi passive build like aura infil/embers calling sabo that can do Ultimate dungeons and SR 65
never bothered with Celestials myself for such gimmick build (not enough patience), but would not think it impossible
^and either way it would be slow(er) for regular farming than if including just “some” player offensive activates, even if just a single like auto attack/fire strike in the VF embers saboteur example

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I understand, I start to have some ideas, I will probably end up trying something myself, in ARPGs I use the guides as a learning mode, until I can make my own builds when I already know the mechanics, so I can dare with something and see what comes out later hehe.

One last question, according to your experience, what would be, let’s say, a “farmer” build, fast, strong, if it’s possible to have a fast and strong build in the same concept when we talk about a “famer” build of course :sweat_smile:

depends what we decide to include
ex being that if we still say no or minimum player actives but does decide to include “pets”, like Nightblade Blade Spirit (which is just essentially a separate aura walking around on its own), then something like Cold Infiltrator with chillwhisper helmet and 3x blade spirits etc would be decent
likewise if stretching that to include shaman’s wind devils there is similar potential

Otherwise if you just include something as basic as ex player auto attack, like fire strike, then the above mentioned vindictive flame saboteur type is very very decent, and basically a normal end meta build performance wise. Same if using ex counter strike, or doing a retal warlord or retal commando etc
*retal ofc technically still being on the more passive side but also technically not truly “aura” since enemies have to actually strike you in melee to trigger thorns/retal dmg

if staying strict to the 0 player actives, purely “true” auras only, then it’s gonna be fairly slow either way, even if you take what might be the best option of vindictive flame sabo/purifier/shieldbreaker i think, and slower still outside world map enemies if doing ex raw aura infiltrator/infiltrator/dervish

Of all the builds I mean, of any class/combination, a farmeo build fast and strong enough to feel comfortable farming.

aeh, pretty much anything meta can do that, you wont be locked into anything specific
stuff with a couple of movement skills will move faster, but from my own experience ex something like vanquisher (raw movement dmg), can still be eked out by another build with “slightly” higher movement cooldowns but faster boss kill/higher single target dps
so that leaves you free to pretty much choose based on what skill/style you prefer instead of something specific peak fast, since it can avg out anyway

if a build doesn’t include an actual level guide (which most don’t) i highly recommend checking out to beginner guides if you want an idea on how to level XY class

otherwise Protoss has basic guides on how to level every class

i don’t think Lee did an actual compendium compilation, so you might just have to browse his class/build topics individually

don’t think this was updated anymore in a while, but might still have something potentially useful to glance over

not “curated” anymore but contains lots of endgame builds

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“no attacks”
uses OFF :neutral_face:
(- on mageslayer even)

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Here’s some good item for an aura build but it’s from Grim League Skull of Rolderathis

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Thanks for the ideas, I think I’m going to use this build for what I call “fast and comfortable farming”, I’ve been playing with it and honestly, it really is very comfortable to wear, without many complications, it just runs everywhere and leaves a deadly trail, I like it.

There are many builds I want to try as I learn from the game, the goal is to make my own, at least, it’s a bit easier than in PoE, I think I almost went crazy there :laughing: but it still seems to me one of the best ARPGs hehe

hey @banana_peel
that build seemed to go unnoticed but I’m REALLY interested in it, as I’m looking for the most powerful aura build in the game.
It’s the first time I see an aura build of this kind, and I don’t really care if it has one active skill or max 2.
In this case, the active skill really does make it feel a lot of fun.

Is there anyway this build can be improved or can you recommend other build for this kind of gameplay?

Thank you very very much

Glad you liked it! You can improve it drastically by stepping out of the meme territory and taking some active skills like seal of shadows. It’ll increase solo dmg and give you some procers for devos. The best active equivalent of the build is Spellbreaker with Northern Wyrm and Chillspikes. You can find the build on mad_lee’s channel, most likely.