Is there any myth gears gambler smith ?

The ghost smith can only craft normal legendaries not myth legendaries ? :confused:

Is there any new smith that could craft myth gears ?

Steelclap District you’d find a building in which lies the entrance to the Tomb of Herald Malthis in there you can find Bella Fald. Interact with breakable walls to discover the way to her

I’m at lv100 now

If I go to her on Elite(I couldn’t get pass the boss before Ulgrim on Ultimate yet)
would she craft me myth gears ?

No idea mate, I have a habit of approaching these things at the highest difficulty

Don’t see any reason why she wouldn’t

And if you mean Ekket’Zul he’s cake, just avoid his fissure.

Myth from Smith is not worth ith, save your xpac rare mats

Why? She has the same bonuses has Etram. I’m hoarding to get good stuff from her

She uses very rares maths to craft random legendaries (Aetherial missive, etc). You CANT get those in bulk from dismantling trash legendaries (even mythical ones), and they are very rare to drop (i’ve farmed last boss, and heroes/bosses of Aetherial Vanguard usually still drop (now useless) “Tainted Brain”, while Aetherial Missive/Mutagen only happened to be in chest after last boss, and ~60% of the time there is 0 of them for whole run).

I’d rather farmed Challenger Crucible several times (to get ~10-20 legendaries), rather than wasted 6 Aetherial Missives to get just ONE legendary.

Did everyone miss out on the blacksmith in Malmouth Outskirts he crafts new mats

He swaps them but only inbetween the new mats like the guy at Necropolis