Is this still my game?

Hi everyone,

I realy realy like this game,i know that for sure.

i play for 6 months now on HC and not even 1 level 100(yes i level on HC i wont change that)

All died between level 40 and 80 mostly ranged characters,
Last week i started my first melee a soldier(Forceware is cast skill i know that)
and quess what he died at level 45 in Bloodgroove the Gun hero there!!!
My Soldier that have around 5khp ressistens were okisch(all aroun 60 some at 80)forceware was hitting for between 3 and 7 k.

It is for sure that i do something wrong no doubt about that.
So i think all i need is a good leveling build(for HC) a class that is able to reach level 100 so i can finally start farming gear.

Any tips for that?

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You just need to update your gear all the time. It’s hard to level your character if you don’t pay enough attention to your gameplay or have a bad gear. I personally forgot once to change my gear, the last time I changed was at level ~25, then at ~67 and I still didn’t die once. Then played on Ultimate with level 50 - 75 gear when I was level 90 and also didn’t die even once, because I’ve paid attention to what’s going on. If you’re experienced, gear is not that needed in normal/elite, forcewave is good for leveling, too.


indeed maybe i want to go to fast or something like that!

now i am at zero again…lol
And dont know what to pick for a more safe journey…

Bolvar is a major threat on HC. To counter him safely as melee, either play with higher HP pool, or have some chaos res. Or both.


For leveling a forcewave char in HC you need to make sure you have:

Attack Damage Converted to Health (devotions + gear) - 10% would be ok.
Max out all resistances as soon as you can.
Good armor+armor absorption
Pay attention to reflect mobs and ground effects, not everything can be tanked.

You tried word of pain before, what happened to those?

I have leveled 2x Forcewave and 2x WoP builds in HC recently all the way to 100 and find WoP to be the easiest. Max out the word of pain tree, aura of censure, the seal. Put some into word of renewal and you should be able to survive all the way into ultimate given good armor+ shield+ maxed resists.

I love word of pain…but never made it any further then act 2 elite.Too less dmg or to fast i am dead meat

Ok, I see. I’ve judt started a new char going WoP all the way. Let me record the entire process. This is C-Point from youtube btw. This is my work acct lol.

Here’s a few tips to make your HC journey really smooth:

Start the main campaign, get to lvl 3 dumping everything into word of pain.

Switch to crucible (choose a good map that doesn’t have too many pillars to block your WoP.

Since you don’t have a single finished char, I assume you dan’t have any potions of clarity. Still should be fairly quick without those.

Do 10 waves and grab the reward. Dump everything into physique, word of agony (this gives bigger area ) and word of pain. Gearwise, focus on resists and elemental damage. Devotions - start working towards meteor, there are multiple good routes but I find taking viper early on helps your WoP quite a bit.

Repeat 10 waves until you reach death sentence. You will notice by then that you can do 10 waves super quick (2-3min tops). Most people get 5-10 devotion points and switch back to campaign but I stay in crucible till I’m at 18-20 dev pts. Mainly because it’s super fast and easy to do using wop.

At lvl 20 craft 1-2 riftstones for your wep and/or offhand. Assign your devotions to these and now you have both the insane mobility and extra firepower.

You could stay in crucible forever but you need to start gettimg faction rep asap so somewhere around lvl 20-22 I’d switch back to the campaign and rush it. The only delaying aspect is the shrines, I get them all on veteran (will reach 55 half way into elite).

Now you can focus on optimizing your damage and toughness.
Max out the aura of censure then seal asap. Next, put some points into word of renewal and deadly aim. Then you can start working on your second class mastery. But the main focus should be in survivability.

As for not having enough damage in elite, that’s because you were missing some key gear. You need to go above the cap on word of pain, word of agony and death sentence. Biggest upgrades early on would be a wendigo eye medal (any level), bargolls mace, haunted shoulders that drop from elementalists, chest armor with the deceiver/apostate prefix and any blues that give +1 to skills like abalons offhand. So by level 50 you should have your word of pain dealing 10k+ per tick, which with crit %, resistance reductions and the seal+deadly aim would hit up to 30k per tick. That is more than adequate for finishing log in elite. Heck in one of my vids I killed him in ultimate with 10k sheet wop dmg, though it was pretty slow.

And no, you won’t be squishy at all either, since you can both get decent armor + shield + overcapped resists + aura + seal. I can facetank Ultimate Shar’zul with my deceiver with only 2.6k da and 1800 armor.

So if you really like word of pain, I encourage you not to give up just yet. This build can be really rewarding. In any case, I’m gonna record the entire leveling process in HC this weekend. Hope this will be helpful.


you are the greatest! and yes i am a WOP guys…no doubt!Wil start slowly to level again(wop)and realy 18 devotions points before leaving Crucible.
Keep me in touch when your Video goes up!!! Cant wait!!

And u level on Veteran??

Yes, I always level on vet, it’s more fun and you don’t get a huge difficulty spike when starting elite afterwards.

Nice!wil start tomorrow! With Crucuble up to 18 dev points.Still i realy dont know how to get 10k wop ticks at 50…but will see!

Max out the word of pain tree including word of agony and death sentence. Get wendigo eye (medal), bargoll’s mace/arcane storm evoker, haunted shoulders, a few more greens with apostate/deceiver/interrogator prefix and you can have 10k by lvl 40. Make sure you take as many elemental devotions as you can.

im fascinated by this, will make it one day :smiley:

as for now im playing with totems and wind, they do all the work for me, later i may respec to full reftaliation ^^

It’s a great build and probably one of the safest for hardcore, but you may get bored very quickly if looking for fast clearing speed. GD Engame is a lot of fastpaced farming including nemesis, rogue dungeons, treasure troves, secret bosses etc. Retaliation builds are not very efficient at that. Take his Alkamos vid for example. All my toons kill Alkamos in under 15 sec, with my worldeater tactician averaging around 8sec. Still hoping the day will come when retaliation builds can match that across the board including ranged bosses.

[QUOTE=Aikimox;614902]Max out the word of pain tree including word of agony and death sentence. Get wendigo eye (medal), bargoll’s mace/arcane storm evoker, haunted shoulders, a few more greens with apostate/deceiver/interrogator prefix and you can have 10k by lvl 40. Make sure you take as many elemental devotions as you can.[/QUOT

The gear you mentioned…i must be Lucky if they wil drop…

All except one are green items that drop quite often from certain mobs. You are guaranteed to get most of them by the end of veteran. The only blue item is the abalon’s offhand and it’s not rare either. Even without it you should be fine.

Wendigo eye -
Bargoll’s heart -
Haunted Shoulderpad -
Interrogator’s -
Apostate’s -

Including expansion on veteran?

How to get those 10k ticks when 50 then?
I mean i leveled 3 wop Guys but never got above 3k sheet wop at around 50

Maybe your vid wil tel me more…when wil it be done?