Is War Cry broken?

Hey there I havnt been playing long, on my 2nd run thru on Elite (just hit lvl 60 at Homestead) I duo play with my partner, I’m the tank (12k HP, 1600 dps) virtually unkillable (yes my weapon hits like a wet noodle) she’s the Glass Cannon (5k HP, 17000 dps) Now when playing I run in Blitz/War Cry combo and my partner blasts them all down in 1-2 seconds, no big deal, but on 95% of the bosses they seem to be untauntable? Now this is where a tank is supposed to shine right? Any dumb tank can charge a group of white/yellow mobs and taunt (I don’t realy have to do it seeing as my partner kills them so quickly I feel I have to do at least something lol) so on boss fights my partner is always getting rushed and 1-shotted while I ‘try’ to taunt and feebley hit with my wet noodle, is it just not working or is my dps just so low the bosses run away laughing?

Bosses have natural resistance to Taunt. It can range from 30% (level 1 boss resistances) to 500% (level 6 boss resistances). For example, The Warden and Darius Cronley has level 4 boss resistances, giving them 80% taunt resist.

Bosses give few fucks about crowd control, for the most part shrugging them off quickly or even being immune to them. I imagine your taunt lasts for a micro second and then the boss makes the correct decision to ignore your tummy tickling

I tried to recommend in the other thread that you go 2H tank so that you have enough damage. You can still respec.

Yeah something about 2H tanking just seems weird, even of it is viable, just need to shrug off old mentality that sword n board is the only way to go and give 2H a shot, shaman class does have a bit to offer to 2H damage as well.

I’ve made a Demolitionist/Shaman who was great at tanking, aggroing, and also buffing the other pure offensive character I was playing with.

Used both taunt procs + grenado for high damage.

I’m stuck as Soldier Shaman :frowning: if anyone has a good 2H Warden Tank build please share ^^

There are 3 Warder builds in the Build Compendium to consider.

I’m trying the Retaliation one myself. :slight_smile: Just reached the point where I have enough retaliation stuff for it to work and it’s quite fun watching foes kill themselves. Might not be the best choice for multiplay though if your partner is wiping foes out from a distance.

You’re not “stuck”. 2H Warder is a good class. It should be easy to spec into Jajaja’s “Beginner’s Physical Warder” build. That’s all you need. Look in the build forum.