Iskandra's toggle question

Does Iskandra toggle only buffs weapon attacks? I am only using Drain Essence right now but it’s very hard to tell if I am getting the extra element damage and energy leech.

What about using skills like Nightblade’s throwing knives?

The elemental damage, chance for Burn/Frostburn/Electrocute and energy leech on Overload can only be applied by % weapon damage.

Rest of it’s bonuses on it and it’s modifiers (conversion, energy regen, % damage, crit damage) will apply to Drain Essence or other spells.

The damage and Energy leech will not effect spells that do have % weapon damage in their damage listings. some endgame legendaries can have modifiers that add such.
any % bonuses to damage should apply to all damage of that type no matter what.

So, the +8% Elemental damage works but not the actual +4 Elemental damage right? So if i have some elemental damage in my equipment, this toggle can improve the elemental damage which adds to my Drain Essence?

Still a very weak aura for DE. bummer.

Flat damage from equipment will not be added to Drain Essence, so I’m not really sure how you would ever get enough elemental damage for the IEE aura to be relevant except by using elemental spells or a weapon damage skill.

It’d be mostly for the energy regen as the drain essence with mods can be very energy heavy. There’s also the conduit prefix that adds weapon damage to Drain.