Issues with Deep Mine Production

Hey all, Posting this here I also dropped it in bug reporting but would like additional eyes on it. I havnt seen this reported anywhere so apologies if it was. I just got to tier 4 on a new playthrough and put down two deep gold mines. At full capacity (which is twice the number of workers that a regular tier 2 mine has) the deep mines are producing at most half of what the regular mines are. Ive ran this for a couple of ingame years, both are equidistant from housing and have the same “State Breakdown” at the bottom of the building info. This was also the case for a deep coal mine relative to its smaller counterpart, and the deep coal mine was actually closer to worker housing.

Has anyone else run into this? I know its a bit of a slog to get to tier 4 so it’d be a huge bummer if deep mines weren’t producing at at least the same rate per worker (so roughly double per building at max workers) as the smaller tier 2 mine.

Haven’t read anything about it but I can only imagine the logic behind.
Getting things deep is less efficient so it would explain why you get half the production.
However, they will produce … forever … which is much better than what we have in real nature.

We noticed this is the playtest version of 8.3 also: Deep Mines are about half as productive/worker as ‘regular’ mines, and so require all the extra workers allotted to them to keep up.
But, as stated, they do keep producing forever, and theoretically, by the time you get to Tier 4 you should have the extra workers to man the Deep Mines.

The one exception, by the way, is Deep Gold Mines, which are almost ridiculously Unproductive. Frankly, you would be better off putting the workers almost anywhere else than a Deep Gold Mine, because the same work force making, say, clothes or pottery or heavy tools would make more Gold by trading those items than the Deep Gold Mine would produce!

This was apparently by design, to avoid making Gold production too easy in the late game. It has the effect, though, of making Deep Gold Mines a trap for the unwary gamer, because they will soak up workforce without giving any decent return on the investment.