Item rarity explained

What I meant is, when an item gets to roll for an affix, the chance of getting a rare affix is lower than getting a magical one.
You can only get up to one prefix and up to one suffix anyway, there’s no room for multiple.

Ah ok.

I guess the wording depends on how the loot table works. If the rarity of the item is determined first, then it should be closer to:

Rare items are the same as magical items, but the chance of getting a rare affix on it is higher than on a magical item.

If the affix rarity determines the item rarity, then your wording makes more sense to me, now.
Anyway, thanks for responding and OP for the initial post!

Magical and rare items use the same items a common ones. It are the affixes, which make them magical or even rare.

Thanks for this, I had no idea what was what

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Omg I didn’t even know about the thing below your health bar very handy thank you very much!

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I am not sure what is “Monster Infrequents” items. I got a “monster arms” a few times but not really other stuff.

Is it related to the difficulty ?

No, they are related to monsters (see the Game Guide) … and their drop rate to your luck. :wink:

Is it pure luck / Chance ? or some builds have more chance? like melee players vs range?

i ask because when i played on normal with nightblade i found about 5 legendary items before i finished last quest.
now i play as demo i finished the last quest and even after couple of grind/faction quest setions not single legendary drop.

Mobs start dropping legendary items above level 50. Were you severely overleveled in Normal?

nightblade was 52-53
demo 53 now

(i like to use + exp items)

but i kinda sure for nightblade that the drop began before i hit 50 maybe im wrong but from fort ikon and on ive got about 5 legendaries

strangely it felt overall that with nightblade ive got better drop.
specially in obsidian throne

with demo as i play now it feels just a little better than normal drop.

that’s why i wonder if its just feeling or actually different chances.

well 60 finished all quests and grinded on faction quests and not even single legendary…overall drop seems to be better tho

Hi, do you know if there is any special place in which the drop for the set item is “increased”?


I experienced this as well recently with a 2h Warden. I had just finished Normal (Veteran) and was hosting a multiplayer game. After finishing, we did two of the rogue-style dungeons together, during which time I obtained a legendary item from the end of both dungeons, and one from a mere hero monster. Including the final quest reward, I got 4 legendary items in well under an hour, while the other 2 players got a total of one between them.

Ultimately, however, I believe it is simply a matter of luck or RNGesus, or whatever you want to call it. Every mastery has the same magic find as everyone else, and I’m sure I’ll get crap for weeks to come to balance out my recent luck.

thanks man :wink: