Item rarity

Has anyone had luck finding chilldread mantle and death whisper leggings? I’m missing these two items for a build I’m making and think I’m going to resort in crucible to find them. Either in die farm games or a good group who can clear 130-150 gladiator quickly.

But my question is are those two items super rare? I have pissed away 100 blood of ch’thons on the gamble guy with no luck. Farmed both Sentinal blueprints, alkamos 2 legendary rings and soul rend but not those items.

I know some might say all legendaries have the same drop chance… low. But I call BS on that as with over 1000 hours played one see’s the same items over and over, wildborne belt, stone gavel, etc. I’ve probably at one point had these items but since blew them up just don’t recall if they are hard to find.

I’ve found 3-5 over my play time, none of them from the Crucible. They’re fairly common for me.

I’d use the trade forum to see if you can snag it quickly that way, make a trading game in multiplayer (regular campaign game, usually ultimate, with items you need in the name, or just “trading,” etc.), or simply announce your needs during multiplayer games (Crucible can be great for this, as many of the Challenger/Gladiator MP games have players with tons of phat lewtz, yo). I’d imagine you can get them within a day that way.

Ugh I traded for them, marked for later to be self found. On to leveling up character to use them.

I had enough farming to find items I wanted for build between soulrend both alkamos legendary rings, missing blue prints, gambling for above items enough was enough. Looking forward to hitting level 75(47 now)to see if my therory build works!