Item swapping kills me

Ok so I have this bug where I would swap some item (pants in this case) and suddenly I’m at half life with a big DoT that just ends up killing my toon. I managed to reproduce it several times.

This bug also kills any team mate you may have in coop.
It happened when I swapped my Bladeguard Leggings for my Hulking Legguards.

Here is the link to a youtube video I made of me reproducing the bug :

My theory is that for some reason when I swap the legs it detects it as me sending out an attack, then there is a 10% chance an Earthquake will pop and if it does, since the Earthquake is not “linked” to a skill I’m having (since the pants are in the inventory) it’s registered as an enemy attack which just kills me.
It could be a wild rambling so I really don’t know…

I killed my Death Knight a few times by accident and then at least like 10 times to bring you this information, please solve this for him :smiley:

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Can you send your character to [email protected] so we can investigate.

For local saves, your save is located here:
C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\my games\Grim Dawn\save\main_CharacterName

For cloud saves, see this thread:

We need the entire _CharacterName folder, so please zip it up along with its contents. Thanks.

Hi, this just happend to my character also, I swapped a pair of gloves I found, and the character was electrocuted to death. It was very sad, cuz it was a hardcore character, and it died randomly.

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