item usability

i am running around at lvl 28, with a green club i found at lvl 14… every weapon with higer lvl in the 20ies green or blue cant out perform my green lvl 14 wp… am i just unlucky??? think its strange that my green wp is high power compared to a blue wp lvl 25+

The club might have an item level of ~20 - not displayed and not to be confused with the level requirement, which stems from the affixes, but it means it has a decent base damage. The prefix might have a damage bonus, the suffix an attack speed bonus and you are a melee fighter, then you have a weapon, which outperforms many higher level items.

If my guesstimation does not apply, you can attach JPGs to your reply (max 1024x1024; upload with the paperclip icon in the editor) and we can have a closer look.

Get used to it.
I’m level 63 pet cabalist focused on chaos/poison and RNG gods hates me. Have items from 40-50 because cannot find good item with pet bonuses. F. E. full run in Steps of Tornment gave me two green items, but everytime worse than I have.
So if you are something like mid range caster focused on ele/fire dmg and, you have bonuses on your green club/mace whatever to this type of dmg and your lvl 25 blue has physical/trauma it’s obvious that it will be worse for you…
Like this game is trying to push me to play soldier, Nightblade, shaman, demo,because I loot only this type of blue/purple drops. Hate it.
Have also 63lvl physical/lightning warder (quite study) in elite, 52lvl mage hunter (godlike in normal, very squishy in elite), but cabalist ist the funniest. Next one will be pyromancer, lvl 30 atm and after that don’t know. Maybe something tankier, like snb soldier+necro maybe, but no nightblade. (items with +1 to nightblade skills drops me almost everytime :-/)

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how about trying to trade??? dont no what people use a currency tho?

Anything that’s available in the game. Here’s some trading threads.

If you get one lucky drop (or a long streak of unlucky ones) you can be “stuck” with your items for a long time.
My Infiltrator is Lvl 47 but uses the same green mace since level 26, because I can’t find anything else with those hefty bonuses. Not any blue I found could replace those bonuses so far, also the DPS calculator always shows loss of DPS (even though that is not reliable). I wish I’d find a 1HR weapon with equal stats, but nothing yet.

I would assume trade is mainly used for high end gear and crafting materials. Well, some people also keep low level epics and might part with them. Popular “currency” seems to be Ugdenbloom and Scavenged Plating (the former requires Ashes of Malmouth and the latter is only valuable with the expansion).

I still assume you were lucky and have a weapon, which is difficult to top until you become level 40.

As long as you still have a decent killspeed with your gear, don´t bother too much looking at the itemlevel.

In GD rare (green) items can outperform low level epics easily, depends on what afixes they roll and how well they fit your build.

If you are having trouble killing mobs and the gameplay gets too sluggish, try crafting/farming.

Don’t worry about leveling gear at all. They will quickly become obselete. Don’t waste resources crafting or trading for them either. You should save them for when you hit the late game. Components and top tier gear become a lot more mandatory at that stage, and they can be quite expensive to craft.

Plenty of skills in the game don’t have a %WD component to it (e.g. Panetti’s) - use them to level.

Here’s another example of items I use for “ages”.

If you check the mace… As I said I use it since Lvl 26, now hit 52. I can’t find anything to replace it. Nothing has just half of the bonuses it has.
That chest armor is also superior to anything I find. Especially if it comes to armor value. Not even new heavy armor I find has values like that.

I don’t know if I had some lucky finds with pre- and afixes but sometimes I wish i’d get something better. Especially since Ring of Steel has a weapon damage component.

PS: If anything makes you hit your head on the table considering this car: PM me. lol. :rolleyes:

I finished Elite with a level 35 weapon. My reaper finished Veteran with a low-level green as well, one that isn’t nearly as synergistic as that mace…

Of course it is synergetic, yet we want to get some shinys every now and then, don’t we? :smiley: What makes me wonder is, I can’t find that mace in the Grimtools Item Database. Or I’m searching wrongly. No mace under “magic maces” looks like that and looking for bladed mace only leads to Adept’s Bladed Mace. ?_?

My Cabalist just hit Ultimate at level 76, and has average item level 52 on her gear

That’s because it’s a common with affixes:

Good to know those affixes will change the item color, too. I’d have never thought to check common items for those. Thanks alot. :slight_smile: