I've been gone from GD for 2+ years... what's new?

Thank you for the input guys!

I’ll pick up the “definitive edition” - looks like it contains: Ashes of Malmouth, Forgotten Gods, and Crucible.

Since it has been so long, I’m thinking about starting again from scratch (but keeping my items of course)…

I have a lvl 85 Rifle Sorcerer, lvl 75 Caster Druid, and lvl 75 Bleed Warder. Oh and a lvl 75 Blade Crossbow Blademaster… might rebuild some of them (the druid was REALLY promising) and also experiment with the new classes.

What do guys think? Restart from scratch?

To be honest so much has changed plus the fact you’ll have the expansions as well it might be more fun to start afresh.

Sounds good. Is there anything in particular that might make me want to restart / rebuild some of my old builds? New devotions to consider etc?

Definitely. New devotions, the expansions bring 3 new masteries to play with and things like Skill Modifiers. I mean just have a look in the Build Compendium X to compare what you have with other more recent builds.

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Great. I think that settles it. I will probably restart with something familiar like my caster Druid and then bring in some of the new masteries :slight_smile:

As far as I can see, the fundamentals haven’t changed, i.e. dump spare stat points in physique, OA + crit is still king, and simply look for synergies for your skills and masteries. Am I right?

And, the way I always played is to grab the mastery that catches my eye at the time, and then add another mastery to it that seems to synergize most, rather than trying to pick two masteries ahead of time and follow some pre-set, cookie-cutter build. Still a viable way to play?

these days, stats in cunning and spirit also give health for instance.

if I were you, I would just approach GD as a brand new game :slight_smile:

Oh lord things have changed!!

Yeah, which is why I suggested reading the GM’s from #100 onwards. And even then they don’t cover everything. For example once you get a character into Ultimate Forgotten Gods you can buy Merit Tokens which allow a new character to skip Normal and Elite difficulties and start in Ultimate if you want. Go to 14 minutes in and start watching

Also works when you get a character to Elite FG, you can buy a Merit Token to skip Normal and start in Elite.

Oh, and also these too.

Thank you for your invaluable input guys. I’ve now rolled a new Inquisitor and enjoying the return greatly. Game also seems to perform a little better too.

@ mamba, thank you for your input. I seem to have gotten the stash working - the hard way! Downloaded the new one, ran it, but it was returning a bunch of errors. Panicked. Readme.txt didn’t have anything, couldn’t find another readme guide. Thought it might be a problem with the old db/GDStash.ini files in Documents. Made backups and deleted them from that original location. Then remembered you need to import database. Did that successfully. Replaced the old db/GDStash.ini files. Rebooted the stash. Then it asked me to import the database AGAIN! Did that successfully, now seems to be working :smiley:

Yes, there have been several improvements to the game thanks to the upcoming Xbox port.

Actually, I’ve encountered a small issue with GDStash.

I can make a new thread about it, but unsure which subforum, so thought I’d ask here.

Now that I’ve restarted, what I planned to do was this: move every item from my existing characters inventories and stashes to my GDStash database, that isn’t already there. Then delete old characters.

I started by MOVING (not copying) some of the items sat in the Transfer stash. When I do this, they obviously disappear from the Stash, and go to the database. However, when I load up the game, those items are still physically sat in the Transfer stash. I wonder why this is, and does this indicate further impending issues?

You need to make sure you are pushing the Save button in GD Stash after performing such operations.

Any issues with GDStash post straight into the thread itself, that way mamba will see it.

In this case it’s honestly just user error. Usually is anyway. Nothing that can’t be handled here.

Agreed, but for more serious problems rather than start a new thread just go straight to the source.

I didn’t hit the save button directly, but I did when it asked to save before closing.

I’ve spotted something. I seem to have two options when loading Stash Transfer in GDStash:

SC AoM (.cst)

I’m thinking the first one is the one I will be wanting, since it sounds like it is linked to the new expansion, whereas the second seems to denote vanilla?

However the second one is the one that is interactive and where changes occur. I noticed by adding 1 item to the Stash transfer in game, then loading GDStash back up. It did not appear it the first, but appears in the second…

.bst = Vanilla/base specific

.cst = AoM specific

.gst = FG specific

The reason why the second one is reflecting your changes is because you have FG installed. The only way you will be able to see the first one (in-game) is if you disable FG and leave AoM enabled. However, if you already loaded your old characters into FG these characters now belong to FG and not AoM and thus will not show up any longer in the AoM menu (characters can never go backwards, only forwards). You would need to create a new character (in AoM-only) to view said shared stash files.

Any stash files would have converted over to FG(.gst) however, the moment you first loaded these characters into FG. So they would effectively exist in both places already anyway. Do note: by “load into FG” I mean that any old characters would need to have completely been loaded directly into the game world itself, at least once, to have been converted into FG characters. Loading only to the Main Menu will not actually convert an old character.

Ah okay. So as far as I can tell, I should be using Softcore(.gst) to do all my item moving within GDStash? I can ignore SC AoM (.cst), or delete it?

I’ve also now loaded all my characters up in the game to make sure they exist in GDStash as FG characters …

Yup. As long as you are sure all the items in these files are present in the .gst already anyway you can probably safely delete it if you have no other reason to keep it.