Joke items

The game includes some nice items meant for trolling.

The one’s i’m aware of are:-

Pretty Great Pants
Gazer Man
Soiled Trousers

Any other items like these you guys are aware of?’s-Utility-Pack

I think this one can be considered one.

I suppose Blackwood Wand
Could technically be considered a joke, as could all wands/scepter since they were named such originally as partially a joke (in my mind) to the repeated requests for wands and staves and the like. The joke being because most people expect such items to fire out magical bolts of various sorts, which in GD, they do not.

Groan-worthy, I know :wink:

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I think that Orwell’s Revolver could be considered as a slightly joke item, mostly because of it’s flavor text, which gave me a chuckle, to be honest.

If i was in the conclave then i’d know who i’d be voting for