Judicator's Seals set - on enemy death proc

I would like proc on this set to become more useful by changing the proc from % chance on enemy death to % chance on attack. Generally procs on enemy death should be removed form the game because when fighting lone bosses (SR for example or nemesis in MC) they are not useful and that is when you need them the most.

The proc would have to be nerfed because for a long while these rings were the most overused rings in the game. The proc chance was based on critical hit and that made the rings far too good, so making it on attack would require nerfing of the proc.

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I don’t care if it will be % crit chance or % attack chance and nerfed. Just not on enemy death because that is useless.

The cooldown could be greater than the uptime a bit and that solves it as well.

Not everything needs to be made completely user friendly or usable in every situation.
Those rings already have a strong proc with a great uptime, so them having a less than ideal proc condition is normal and hardly useless.

It’s not about lowering its power and making it always work, but more about not homogenizing all the content.
You don’t like the way the proc currently works, but there will be people that feel it got nerfed if your suggestions were implemented.


Proc on enemy death was also in devotions and was removed. It is a bad mechanic and it should not be in the game. What good is a proc for if it can’t be used in the toughest situations?

It was changed to Abomination, which required nor just death of enemy but kill by the specific skill, which you put on it. So it was really unreliable and completely different from Judicator rings… On death proc is extremely good in SR non boss chunks, Crucible and even against bosses with summons. If proc is changed on attack, then you know values on proc should be changed, so it would be overall nerf if you proposed change is implemented.

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just remove proc and give like +2% OA and DA. The health restored on the proc is a joke anyway

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It is useless in boss rooms in SR and in MC against nemesis and Gargaboll, Morgoneth, Korvaak, Kymon and many others. Crucible is not like the rest of the game and the game should not be balanced around it.

Devs do not balance around cruci (nerfs Morg set thanks to someone who did sub 4 min cruci run with like 6 double rare affix greens :slight_smile: )

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3 out of the 4 named Bosses you mentioned there summon adds that can be killed to proc the Judicator ring buff.

Several Nemeses also summon adds in their fights that can be killed as well - Reaper, Zantarin, Kuba (himself technically) and if their Crystals count Moosilauke/Benn’Jahr as well.

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Whatever, there are times when it is useless and this change would not cause it to be bad in any other way. But you don’t want it better, I get it. Just whatever…

I replied in that thread, Z didnt hear (or didnt want to hear), core of the build are 4 fantasy MIs, not the set, also build is a glass canon. Rather add minor cooldown+ to SS to these MIs, he nerfed the whole set. And now its totally a trash set.

I love how removal of -0.2s CD modifier and the loss of inconsequential flat damage to the single target portion of the skill amount to a dead set (spoiler: it doesn’t). The baffling part was the method taken in nerfing nightfall that didn’t have much impact on Morg builds while also hitting every other SS build that was already ‘dead’.

All of my builds have a minimum of 2 items with “On Death”-Proccs, some even more.

And I like them like they are because the procc-chance is compensated with a “more than good” procc-effect. Just take a look at Belgothian´s Rings, Guillotine, Bloodrager Helmet…

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Open/closed rings proc is not useless at all, even in SR (under 90-ish). Most bosses have spawns.

I can’t say I’d disagree with increasing the duration, though. Rings could use a buff. They’re basically last resort for oa/da retarded setups.

0.2s was huge. This alone was like +20/30s to Crucible times (which at those levels is huge). Flat dmg was not that big but was not inconsequential. Last, Nightfall nerf had huge impact on all SS builds, especially those lacking defense (=Morgo).

Build is not dead or trash ofc. It’s just nerfed to a level where it does not shine so bright anymore.

I agree with the critique of the Nightfall nerf. Once again (a’la AAR conduit nerf) Crate nerfs sustain where offense should be nerfed. However, I don’t agree with the premise that other SS builds suffer unjustly. SS was so good that it outperformed investment in just about anything else. Even some acid dervishes were stronger dropping Fervor and using SS as autoattack. Cold tricksters were stronger maxing SS and half-assing Savagery. Things like Deathmarked infil got much better by dropping must-haves like Seal for the extra SS punch. So imo base skill should have been nerfed somehow.


Without these fantasy MIs, Mog set is a good, not godly set. Back to topic, would be nice if Z buffs/add more stats of both rings slightly, and nerf the proc. The proc is quite strong, and without it base stats of both rings quite mediocre.


On topic, Judicators are quite good although pretty niche (mostly for Retal builds). The only thing that I would buff is the healing % from the proc.

I havan’t managed to read all of the comments, But ever since we got all sorts of new rings that cover the needs of most builds, I’ve not used them in 2 years maybe?

They are usually a placeholder until I figure out something better while leveling. I wouldn’t use them unless it’s on a build that also has hp regen.

That being said, I probably wouldn’t use them more even if the proc was on kill (which i’m 99.9% sure will never happen again, not in it’s current form of buffing). I’d only maybe use them more for SR runs at 85+ on a build that really thrives on them.

The proc is old, from a time in vanilla where these buffs would make any char amazing. Now it’s not as valuable, not in my mind anyway. I’d revamp the proc to something else. More regen, some armor…and less OA/Da bonus