Just a thank you post about all the Visual upgrades Devs have been doing for free <3

So yeah, looking back to how things things were when the Hellhound was a red frog and now, especially with the new renderer and all the fx upgrades… wanted to thank the poor souls working hard to bring us stuff so that we can enjoy bloody murder in the word of GD even better than before.

Credits for the gif goes to @_lf


Oh, yes! The game looks absolutely awesome now! I don’t know how we deserved all of this…

:heart: Thank you :heart: :heart: Thank you :heart: :heart: Thank you :heart:

Wait what?! , you being a petmaster I would assume pets hey they got some graphics upgrade too? So birbs look much cooler now? I may have to check my pet build then, I think.

No, the pets still look the same. However their abilities still benefit from all the visual upgrades :yum:

Ah thats a shame. I’m expecting birbs to finally have some resting animation instead of just flapping endlessly for hours on end, but oh well.

Maybe in time :yum: