just another guy lurking...

Hi everyone :wink:

This is the new guy jrj… I have been lurking this forum for quite a few months now… since that “thing people have been waiting for” is coming, I decided to come to surface and say to hi to everyone :wink:

Just want to say thank you to all Crate staffs for making this project! I am super excited to get my hands on Alpha soon… (D3, PoE, TL2 all got old on me for one reason or another)…

I hope everyone here have a great time with Alpha when it comes out :slight_smile: Now back to lurking around… :wink:

Welcome aboard jrj, but shouldn’t you be jagl (just another guy lurking)? :wink:

hi and welcome to the forums,

Welcome to GD and the forums!

haha, yeah I guess that works too… :wink: though I guess I am too busy lurking to change my name xD