Just curious here

A friend of mine told me about a game called Ashes of Creation and when he explained the class structure I immediately thought about Titan Quest and Grim Dawn.

I remember reading an article a while back stating that Crate was making a new game and if players loved TC and GD, they will be in for a big surprise. Is that the game?

I had to look it up and it was Intrepid not Crate. But then I look at the classes, again, and it SCREAMS TQ and GD. I have played many a game on line and TQ and GD were the only ones that had that ‘type’ of ‘class’ set up, a la combo, everyone else just had a single class.

So, what the heck gives here?

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Well, I guess there’s nothing exclusive in mixing 2 masteries to make your class, though as far as I know only TQ and GD have done it that way so far.

No idea what article it was that you read either since Crate are working on several projects, but none of them are ARPG’s. The one closest to release is Farthest Frontier, due to go into early access some time in 2022, and is a town building game.


The other two are an RTS game which will be set on Cairn in a pre-GD era and a horror survival game. Both are further away from release than Farthest Frontier though.

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Isn’t Ashes of Creation an MMO?

TQ and GD are far from the first or only games that allow you to multiclass. Rift, Kingdoms of Amalur, Neverwinter Nights, Baldur’s Gate (1 & 2), and - heck - Borderlands all allow the combination of multiple skilltrees. I’m sure there’re more.


Yes, Ashes of Creation is an MMO.

medea_fleecestealer: Nice. Sounds like a fun sims-like game. Reminds me of ActRaiser from SNES. I’ll have to look into that. I am really interested in the ‘other 2’ games, especially if they tie into the GD mythos.

Ceno: I think it is. I need to look more into it. It’s one of those ‘WoW’ killer games people talk about, so MMO sounds about right. As far as class comboing, I know that D&D and AD&D had dual classing and multi-classing, table top and computer games. I meant the class combo name or archtype if you will. For example, Inquisitor + Necromancer = Apostate. That’s what I am playing right now. Apostate by name only tho, I ended up putting everything in Inquisitor. However I am only 55, so I have a ways to go. I also know that there were ‘kit’ class in 2nd Ed. and ‘prestige’ classes in 3rd Ed. (haven’t played the others), but that still different that the class set up for TQ and GD.

Only the RTS is as far as we know atm.

And here’s Ashes of Creation’s website.