Just few casters builds showcase

Hey there again, as said in title this aint guide of a build,
just some builds i thought i could share since i have much fun with,
nothing crazy, nothing really new, some are just more or less updated builds of older ones, changing minor things.
anyway i just wanted to revived them a bit since this part of forum gets a bit quiet sometimes,
but mostly i hope it will give some of you ideas, and fun in game thats all.

all the following build can clear whole ultimate content including nemesis, with really easy facetanking for some of them, so may be able to change them into something a bit more offensives set up if youd like. but according my tastes its well balanced as it is.

grenado sorcerer:

trozan procs druid

stun jacks grenado elementalist:

if you want more details, or info about those feel free to ask for of course but also please have a look at those already existing post that would love to get revived, also youll sure notice that what i post here aint really different from what already been posted, i just felt i could share the “versions” im running.

paranoid ?