just finished first playthru

Ok, I have just finished the play thru for the main game, while fun, the last boss Loffenguber or whatever his name is was …

Sort of a let down?

Granted, i had stumbled my way to level 54 before I got there (I’m old and crap), but there are several trash bosses in the world who were way harder.

Now I’m off to Malmouth, with a stop in hometown (to see what the monster did).

I had sort of expected a Diablo grade fight from the end boss and got meh, instead. I mean, if I (remember old and crap) can beat the end boss first try without screaming and spilling my coffee, you get my point.

Just a user comment, thanks.

Normal difficulty is a joke in general. You’ll see the boss being hard(er) in elite/ultimate.

And the expansion tends to ramp up the difficulty a bit too.

Yeah Act V and VI are pretty good for new players looking for a challenge but wanting to avoid the tedium of re-doing things on different difficulties.

Hopefully Act VII is much more tougher than VI.

A lot of people already consider Act 6 the hardest act in the game and some even complain that it should be nerfed. Don’t think making act 7 even harder is a good idea.

Okay, slightly more difficult.

I remember times when log was hailed as the most unbalanced and broken thing ever :smiley: And now he’s too easy :frowning: Those nerfs hit him pretty hard.

I don’t think any boss before him is harder, at least not of the mandatory ones, and whether you die or not to one boss has more to do with luck.

The expansion definitely has some harder bosses though

tentacle monsters are known to play rough and tough towards their victims, so loggy, so sad to see him lose his nasty powers instead we get a clown watered down version as an end boss:( :rolleyes:

Normal/Veteran is tuned for casual players. If you want pain and challenges, play through Elite and Ultimate.

wait till you fight final boss Surtr. Heard he is the hardest of em all. wait I think thats another game.? :stuck_out_tongue:

What happens now? As you state, he is not the end boss. Where do I go?

Depends if you have the expansion or not. If not, then after killing Loghorrean you have opened Elite difficulty. Exit to the main menu, choose Elite difficulty and start again.

If you have the expansion you can still do the above and skip playing the expansion. If you want to play it then go back to Fort Ikon and talk to Inquisitor Creed.

Even without the expansion, there’s probably stuff that needs doing in Normal/Veteran. The Hidden Path secret quest gives you a skill and attribute point. You probably didn’t hit the devotion shrine in East Marsh, or the one that needs Rover rep to unlock, so if you’re close to that rep status some bounties would probably be in order. Likewise Kasparov may have a quest to send you to Hargate’s Isle if your Devil’s Crossing rep is high enough.

Not sure why people refer to Log as “he” - if it has a gendered pronoun at all, surely a giant vagina dentata would be a “she”? :wink: But as you can see from the previous sentence, I default to “it” for weird tentacle monsters from the void. We simply don’t know enough about transplanar xenobiology yet.

Thanks for the replies. I should have mentioned it was on veteran. The opener guide said “if you’ve played this type before try veteran”. So, i did.

Must say, this has been a really fun game, and YES, the malmouth part gets much more challenging/fun almost immediately. The little shop of horrors plants are a hoot.

Can I have that as a sig?

Be my guest. :slight_smile:

Perhaps because of how the noun ends “…an”. Turned most likely from a play on the word logorrhea.

I wish ill upon everything you love for thinking this. We know how “make it harderrrrrrrrrrrrrr” goes; we just get stupid shit like more floor damage and bosses with huge RR and damage spikes/shotguns. It’s harder, but it’s also boring since all it does is tie up more build space in survival. Will your kind not be happy until there’s just a single build, made of 110% defensive stats, that can actually complete anything?

I hope Act 7 is more interesting. I wanna see some unique mechanics happening that require actual thought. I emphatically do NOT want to see “harder”, because that just means “get these X stats to N value or get fucked.”

You must try your hands at Grava’thul. That’s how you feel the pain.