Just for curiosity

I’m curious. What is the largest number of immigrants that you have had come into a town all at once?

I’ve had 21 at one time.

21 is my highest also

21 was my highest as well.

Okay, a trend seems to be appearing . . .

I confess, the most I ever got was 15 Immigrants at once, while at Tier 2.

So, follow-on question: what Tier were you on when you got 21 Immigrants at once?
Also, what percentage of ‘free’ housing did you have, how much Food stockpiled, what was the Happiness level of your population? According to the game itself, Food, Housing and Happiness are requirements for immigration and birth both, so what does it take to Maximize immigration?

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Current game, tier 2, year 49, I had 12 immigrants and then same year an extra whopping 23, so 33 all up. The next year (50) had a surprise raid (I garrison my barracks and towers in years I expect attacks, which usually happen every 4 years) and 59 raiders blew through my gates and wall and killed 13 villagers, none of whom used the clubs I got from the Traders. My garrisons did manage to kill 44 raiders as they fled but they all had to find weapons first. Towers and Barracks should have the equivalent of arms lockers so weapons are kept there unless they need replacing. Should weapons have a shelf life?

It has happened more than once but I have never seen higher yet, on one of the times if I am remembering the right occasion it was not long into tier 2 I had to build housing for them as it put me in negative and food was starting to be a problem, it was a curse not a blessing lol. they would of been fairly happy, the only time I have had a problem with unhappy citizens is the great housing debacle just before the update.

You’re asking a 75-year-old with unreliable memory! Sorry, I didn’t take notes on the conditions. It surprised me so much to just get that many all at once that it didn’t occur to me to note the conditions.

I turn 78 in three months, so don’t apologize for your memory: I double-check that I’ve remembered to put socks on every morning . . .

And @kendy4thestate, people knew a lot about keeping weapons from deteriorating: sword scabbards were frequently lined with undyed sheep’s wool, because the lanolin in the wool acted as a protective oil to keep blades from rusting, and bows were unstrung and kept with spare bowstrings which were stored in waxed containers to keep the cord from drying out: lots of ‘preservation’ tricks were available and there’s no excuse for the constant loss of equipment, weapons, shoes, clothes, etc. in the game, except as a game mechanic to keep us having to manufacture more of everything.

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Happy birthday in advance!

You can say the same for me next week. I’ll be 70 then. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Nice oldies club we’ve got going here.

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Could all play on an Arid Highlands map as the “Over the Hill Gang”?


Scots used to wrap their banned swords and place them into stagnant pools. No oxygen, no rust.

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  • And given that we have no rivers, streams, or any other running water on the FF maps so far, you could almost assume that any bit of water on the map would work for that . . .

'Course, to get the full Scots Effect they’d also have to add sheep, wool, and tartan weaves . . .

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This is the cost of emptying your barracks. A surprise raid can catch you flat footed. The answer isn’t for Crate to make a change in the game play to accommodate you though, its for you to change your game play.

You don’t need to empty your barracks to play the game is what I’m saying.

Those clubs you can buy will only be used by hunters, guards and soldiers. Your other villagers can only use their fists. In their present form, clubs are pretty useless in the game.

I’m a little bemused by the combat system in FF anyway . . .
“Crude Weapons” look like the farmer’s tools, clubs, sticks (Upgrade: Quarterstaff ?) which were NEVER acceptable for any of the levies of peasants during the middle ages. The Anglo-Saxon Fyrd were required to show up (1 man out of every 5 - 10 Peasant households) with a shield of wood or cattle leather and a spear as a minimum. Similar rules applied to the arriere-ban in France and similar peasant emergency forces elsewhere.
And if there was no authority to organize such levies, people did it themselves: “Self defense forces” were not at all uncommon, and all built around the idea that a percentage or majority of able-bodied men should be able to contribute to the defense of the settlement - especially a settlement that gets raided every few years like clockwork!

Now, I don’t think it’s appropriate to make FF a complex Medieval Military Simulation - if you want to play Medieval Warfare, there are other games more specifically aimed at that. But, it might be nice to be able to call up a certain percentage of the adult Workers as Warriors with something more than clubs and kitchen knives, instead of going straight from Hunters doubling as Defense to Professional Soldiers in a Barracks (which is actually pretty anachronistic for the general period of the game: they’d be in a castle or keep and unless they were hired mercenaries, not under the control of the town at all!)

Right now, one peculiarity of the FF system is that you are almost better off with a number of 1st stage Barracks rather than a few larger structures, because you cannot apparently divide the garrison to send them in different directions: if a force of 6 Raiders breaks in, the fewest you can send after them is 12 men unless you purposely keep the garrisons understrength or micromanage every individual in the garrison. Even after years in the upper Tiers, I try to keep at least one Un-Upgraded Barracks to give me a ‘reserve’ 12-man force to keep an eye out for a feint from the far side of the map, which seems to be almost mandatory practice for late game Raids

Raids usually happen every 4 years but a raid after 3 years is done almost at random. If I save at the beginning of year 3 and I get raided I reload and almost always that raid won’t happen but the next years raid will, and from a different direction.