Just found out about this wonderful sounding game.

My friend told me about it and said he had done the kickstarter. Kind of sucks that I totally missed out on it as this is sounding very nice.

Has anyone here ever played the game NoX? Personally some of the most fun pvp I have had in an action RPG ever. The CTF was incredibly fun, wondering if you guys have any plans on adding something like that?

Welcome aboard… :smiley:

Welcome to GD, Zubei, and do enjoy your stay here. GD will definitely come out this year barring if there is no massive delays. :wink:

Hi and welcome to the forums Zubei. I did play Nox when if first came out but it didn’t really have much of an impact on me - is it a game you recommend?

Thank you all.

NoX as a single player game, was alright… I actually didnt play much of the single player story. However, when it came to multiplayer pvp, that is where it was amazing. The maps were huge, everyone starts naked and would have to find gear scattered throughout the map, when you die you would drop all of the stuff you had gathered. The matches were just fun.

There was also Capture the Flag, which was more fun than the Deathmatchs imo. The maps had all kinds of traps, buildings with windows to cast spells/use ranged attacks through, hidden passageways, ect. Working together as a team was needed for the most part.

NoX MP was by far my favorite when it came to the action RPG genre. EA killed it when westwood studios was no more unfortuantly.

Since Crate doesn’t have the resources to create secure multiplayer, the only way competitive capture the flag would be allowed is if somebody or Crate made a game mod which could use your character and host the map yourself. This is unlikely to happen as making a mod like that is a little more complicated then you might think. Even though ARPGs don’t often focus on pvp, Grim Dawn will have multiplayer dueling which will just be a game with friendly fire enabled.

Also, welcome to the wait. You got here pretty late and won’t be waiting long. Grim Dawn is expected to come out in the later part of summer.

hi and welcome