Just how pathetic and laughable is it? [build question]

Ok… I’ve finally done a build that I’d like to ask for some tips on.

The concept is one I’ve always wanted to find a way to do in GD. It’s basically a Poisoned Pew build. Dual wield gunslinger focused on poison damage. The concept itself might be a total fail, but I’ve always wanted to try it.

  • confession - I know this isn’t a realistic build in any way given 4 double rare MIs (which I freely admit I cheated in with GD Stash to begin testing on a cheated level 100 character). This is just a part of my ongoing attempts to learn how to make my own build and a concept that I’ve been hung up on for about 3 years.

Here’s the “build” : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPma9PN

Any advice or ridicule is more than welcome. Thanks, guys.

With such build you would have zero desire to pew pew with your pistols. It’s pretty much a castrated DEE caster rather than DW hybrid.

For starters I’d consider Witch Hunter and Venomblade chest&head.

Thanks for the title edit, jiaco. Sorry about that.

My thinking here was using the pew pew to proc the inquisitor WPS abilities. The venomlaunchers convert, between them, 90% of elemental damage to acid so I figured the WPS skills would be additional sources of poison damage to stack. That’s why I went that route. Am I misunderstanding the mechanic here?

So the idea was to stack DoT? Well, I don’t know then.

I can’t watch this build in detail because my isp hates me these days, but i think i grasped the idea : Did you think to a nightblade/occultist build? You lose those inquis procs but lethal assault would give you a crapload of flat dmg , cause you take the acidportion + 90% of the cold one.

I did initially think nightblade specifically for increasing the RR with Night’s Chill. I dismissed it because I got hung up on not wanting to give up my relic slot to something that offered no build support beyond the ability to dual wield pistols. After plugging some changes in, however, it looks interesting. I lose about 22% crit damage (which on paper makes me cry a little), but with the higher flat damage being boosted it may balance out.


I like weird builds and this one looks interesting, i promise that when i get my internet back( i’m writing from my phone). I’ll take a closer look at it and try to help for what is worth.

Btw in your inquis/occu version you might as well use beronath fury component as auto attack replacer.

Edit: Probably beronath + flat from malediction and inquis/ occu is the best option. I hope to be able to mess with grimtools soon.

I haven’t tried adding beronath yet as I wanted to keep testing the build as originally posted by going through ultimate campaign. So far so good. Main story through Log is down with no deaths. The only close call so far was against Benny, but this one has taken down him and Valdaraan so far.

The real test is going to begin now that it’s time to head to Ugdenbog, I think.

It’s shockingly simple and lazy to play. Keep Blood of Dreeg and Word of Renewal up at all times, CoF on packs and hold down LMB. If I can complete the campaign with this it’ll be item one of my checklist of baby steps toward a “successful” build.

I think i won’t be able to connect my pc to internet for few days, so i can’t see in detail the skill you got or the devotion path. As soon as i will be able to go online i will try to build my version of it,i will focus on beronath fury and inquis procs i guess.

Hi, the build is interesting, if you were to put Putrid Necklace (sorry cant post link due to lack of posts) would this mean that Runes of Hagarrad and Kalastor would both be full acid/poison? Since full conversion of elemental to acid.

You would, indeed, have full elemental to acid conversion as long as BoD is up (which shouild be full time anyway). The pierce and physical damage on the runes wouldn’t do much, but they would, after conversion, give you some flat damage to boost with your +% acid and +% poison. I’ve never tried playing around with the runes so, to be honest, it didn’t occur to me to look into them for this build. I generally dislike having to rely on enemies to path over a particular spot so I tend to ignore offensive (or debuffing) ground effects. Perhaps I’m short changing myself with that attitude.

Ok thanks, that gives me an idea. I’ll try a 3 piece runebinder set, less the amulet and weapon, with all the +elemental, fire and frost damage that will get converted to acid/poison and high points in artifact handling, might be able to create an acid poison minelayer.

Be careful with the + elemental. Conversion happens before the +% damage boosts are applied, so you’ll want to build +acid and +poison, not +elemental to achieve that goal.

Ah ok, back to the drawing board. Thanks

I have the same idea as you just yesterday when looking through the item database.

I think the problem with the build then is the minimal amount of RR and the gear set to support the build. Btw, I am talking about deceiver build here.

If you take a look at another conversion deceiver build, which is decree of malmouth that convert elemental to vitality, it can still have massive RR from CoF and WoP item skill modifier. Also, it can use the dark one set for gearing.

Also, why don’t you use the two runes for trap? You can put seal below you, setting the rune trap surrounding you, and shoot your enemy from afar with your WPS skill.

All the runes will inflict DOT poison and should act as good nuke

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I looked at few Ugdenbog pistols I farmed yesterday while gaining infamy with Barrowholm and thought of something similiar. But I think you have to either pew-pew with pistols or cast DEE and other stuff. Because to successfully pew-pew you gotta have some support CC-spell, otherwise you are going to get wrecked in Ultimate.

Beronath Shard should deffo be one of the components.

That’s why I have transmuted DEE on LMB. I hold down LMB to get DEE once every 4 seconds and in between I pew pew and proc chilling round and storm spread.

As for Beronath, I still plan to try it out. I’m just first going to push to find the limits of the build in the OP in Ultimate. So far completed through ultimate Log and 2 vanilla nemeses without dying. Going to push into AoM content probably tonight or tomorrow after work. I expect to get wrecked in the latter parts of AoM, but I still want to see how far I can go with the build as it stands before changing it.