Just how random is the loot anyway?

Hey guys,

so I’m starting to notice a trend, not sure if I am just blessed by RNG but I have noticed that depending on what character I am playing I get a lot of loot and legendaries geared towards that character. I was playing my dual pistol pyromancer last night and had it in the back of my mind that I would have to farm for an exterminus to really make the build work. Not 30 minutes into playing some multiplayer with a friend an exterminus dropped.

I am experiencing the same thing on my witch hunter as well. I had nightblade specific pants drop and another crescent moon. So are these legendaries less rare and drop more? Is my RNG just that good? I assume at some point I am going to be banging my head against a wall because I can’t find that perfect piece (desolation blueprint I am looking at you.)

Loot is mostly random. If you fight enemies that e.g. use guns or 2H weapons you are slightly more likely to find guns or 2h weapons, but your masteries do not affect drops.

You are one of the lucky ones because most of the time is people complaining that they don’t drop stuff specific for their character. So yes, it’s pure RNG.

Loot is very random.

But some things are weighted severely.

Alkamos’s Dread is literal, whenever I see a purple ring drop off of him, whereas the Anguish is thusfar… well, yeah.

Yea had to reset my charcter to 2 handed rifle from pistol + shield cause I can’t get a decent pistol still using lvl 50 green pistol. On that note my RNG is bad for that build but for 2 handed rifle build I found the whole set of Ulzuin even the rifle downside can’t use amulet cause it’s spirit based. Edit: I’m lvl 75. They all droped from boss on the right side of devil’s crossing cause well I was farming francis gun

The boss who appears under the tree? Also why are you farming francis gun?

So I can give back my friend the earthscorcher I borrowed from his dual weild commando. My real weapon is a lvl 50 fire & burn green pistol which is stronger than the lvl 70 pistol faction weapon. As it turns out boss from under the tree is very generous.

Not sure of you build hammy but what drops are you getting in elite and ultimate that you don’t have a better pistol? No empowered oathbreaker set or anything? My pyromancer had a deviltongue and an exterminus drop which was perfect for me. It seems to be raining empowered oathbreaker pistols at the moment. I’ve had seven in this last run. Also no leander greene’s? That pistol is excellent in my opinion.