Just returning in need of good builds

Just returning to the game after a long break. I have lost all my backup game files so i have to start fresh with nothing again. What would be some good melee builds that won’t require much if any gear to get going again?

I have been going through the builds here but i have no clue what ones to try. They all look like they need gear that i don’t have or the guides are very old and i’m not sure if they are still good.

Try the cadence witch blade

Cadence / shield passives / curse of frailty

Others may correct me, but there are no truly gear-independant builds in GD.

If I had to restart my first class would probably be a caster with great AOE, just so I could breeze through normal and restock components, flash farm rep to buy all recipes etc, yet again kill nemesises on elite for recipes (easy for ranged classes like moo or benjarr). Once on ultimate this character would be parked in twin falls so I could do hive runs for legendaries and that would probably be the end of his purpose.

Ok i’ve never played a caster before. Is there one that you could recommend for me to do?

Vitality Conjurer is the best starting class

Probably Trozan-style Druid or DEE WH, or maybe Sorc since you can switch between PRM and CT depending on items you get.

Trying the DEE WH right now. It’s going to take some time getting used to but seems good so far. Thanks for the help.

what does DEE WH mean? or do you have a link to a build that represents that?



They really don’t shine without BiS.

But with BiS they give rare Pokemon and the graphics overhaul a run for its money.

It’s Dreeg’s evil eye Witch hunter

On topic, Shaman based Warders are stupid good starter characters.

They can be played a variety of ways quite effectively with minimal gear.

Ok need some more help here. I tried for the last two days to play the DEE WH build but i just can’t make it work. Can anyone link a good build that i can level and then farm gear for other builds. Remember i have no gear in my stash so it needs to be something that can be done with self found gear.

My build before i lost all my saves was a blademaster and it was a struggle to farm with because i had no DM pieces so i don’t want to do that again until i can get some.

Are there any warder or witchblade builds that are up to date that can be done on self found gear? Thanks for any help.

This build may help you :

The Phys Commando by SuperFluff is stupid good.

It is better than jajajaja’s Sab, pre-nerf even.

And that is high praise.

Because pre-07 Warpfire Sab was a demigod.

Are you refering to this build by SuperFluff:

Could you guide me on how to level and how do i distribute the devotions and the devotions’ skill assignment? His guide only provided the end game skill build and the gear were all legendary… is it possible to play that build from scratch with nothing at all?