Keep in Stock Option Request

Can you make it so you can keep something in stock in the trading post with a minimum amount? For example, I want to trade Heavy Tools. Let me always keep 2 Heavy Tools in stock for the settlement with the excess Tools kept in stock at the trading post? This would greatly reduce the time managing inventory, especially as the economy advances and more goods are produced.

Unless I’m misunderstanding you, this is already a feature. Choose how much you want to stock your trading post with and then click the “keep in stock” button, looks like a person holding a box.

I think I am asking for it to work the opposite way it works currently. Maybe I am missing it. I want to set the amount I keep in stock for the town, with the rest going to the trading post. So, as I produce Heavy Tools, I could set there to always be 3 for the town, with all excess going straight to the trading post

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