Kids these days

After 500+ hours of softcore I decided to roll a veteran, hardcore hero.

I’m level 14 and had just gotten to the Burrwitch Outskirts portal. My 4 year old son is next to me playing pbsKids on my laptop when a guest knocks on the door. I pause the game and walk away for 10 minutes.

I come back to find my son sitting at my pc, my hero is in Burrwitch village and the portal fight scene is playing out. I take over and all is well. Having never played GD, my son had managed to navigate through the outskirts, moldering field, and gain a level while I was away.

Guess it’s time to buy him his own copy :wink:

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LoL :smiley: Thats awesome, good thing he didnt rip your first HC toon. I would defiantly let him play it more :cool:

Or this :wink:

Me and my parents had a lot of fun playing the Diablo games together. :stuck_out_tongue: It can be a great bonding experience.


Too bad games are kind of easy to install these days, about 20 or so years ago it was a more involved process and your kid could learn a bit about computers from getting a game to run on DOS or something.

This. Staying up all night, using the phone line to connect to BBS, downloading what seemed to be tons of data, using a hole puch to make double sided floppies, and being a 10 year old pirate that would eventually learn BASIC and LORES HIRES graphics programming and even do the family balance book in some primitve green screen spreadsheet type program…

Computers today are childs play. Boring. I wish I could force my kids to be in the 80s. They still know more than my parents, but they learn nothing like I did in the day. :furious:

Ah… Haha Haaaaa…

A 4 year old beats the first real “challenging” fight in GD on hc vet. In the first 10 mins of his first encounter with the game… This is gold!
Accessibility is one thing but this is just a joke.

Since I haven’t been here to rattle your cage about difficulty it seems GD has devolved into child’s play. :D:D:D

Don’t think it’s a really good example depending on the build and such. The portal fight is not really what I would call challenging. You may need to be a bit careful, but depending on the build, you may not even need to be that…

That depends. On Veteran it can spit out up to 3 heroes on the final spawn burst. If you didn’t manage to sidetrack to DS or Gutworm on your way to the rift then the likelihood (for a first time player) that you may be caught by surprise here is high. Certainly for a first time 4 year old :stuck_out_tongue:

Barring the above mentioned side areas then this would certainly be your first semi-serious challenge. If you are new.

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Well, at 5-6 years old my first gaming experience was crying my eyes out because a bunch of orcs were destroying my barracks so that kid is already farther than me…

Are we the same person? :p:rolleyes: That was my exact experience at 5- 6 years old too. :cool:

Man I’m not 100% on this but I don’t think I even knew what a video game was until I was 7-9 (not sure on this either) and we had went over to my uncles and he had this newfangled thing called a Nintendo and lo! There was Mario before me eyes. I think I had a boner on first contact even tho puberty was still a bit in the future but whatever.

Sure. I cried. Tears of joy.

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…or maybe OP’s son is just a badass!!! :smiley:

It’s true that GD in its current state isn’t really “difficult” though…things just take longer to die as you keep playing. So the (illusion of) difficulty is that you spend more time fighting monsters and obsessing over stats, instead of making quick decisions in the heat of combat or avoiding attacks.

…of Dark Souls. :wink:

So basically difficulty has been transposed into time investment: which is one of the things Crate was originally trying to avoid. Maybe that is just unavoidable with these sort of games though. This is basically the same scenerio with PoE.

Anyway you may be right, 4 year old son might just be a badass and Dark Souls would be more in his calibre, as StupidDragon noted.

Still this gave me a good chuckle.

Your 4 year old did much better than my daughter…I stepped away for abit while playing Sacred to find she had bought somewhere around 75-100 horses. Only reason i didn’t have more is I ran out of gold. The entire screen was nothing but horses.

I would say GD is difficult enough. It’s not exactly hard to have a bad build, and some things are counterintuitive.

Pretty much all ARPG’s create difficulty via stats. Most ARPG’s are not twitch skill based. It’s not really strictly a GD problem. Which I think is fine. Plenty of twitchy games out there and stats based games are overall more accessible in a good sense.

I didn’t have any contact with consoles growing up. My friends in a neighboring house had the local rippoff (Dendi), but my parents were very much against me playing it and saw no reason to buy a console. :stuck_out_tongue: So I grew up very much on PC games only and I’m still rather cool towards titles like Mario.

OK that’s hilarious. Worth.

Ah, Sacred, the weird ass ARPG with mounts.

He shows such great promise at such a young age :stuck_out_tongue:

Look out Log!

The real question is if you were playing softcore would you have let him finish the portal fight? :smiley: