Killing Lokkar, Rashalga and Mogdrogen

I would like to kill Lokkar to farm the “Lokkar Item Set” but i failed. It’s hard and tough to kill Lokkar. Also, Rashalga and Mogdrogen. All of these Bosses are in Ultimate Mode.

This is my Build:

Any tips or ideas to improve my Build would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :wink:

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You have low offensive ability and fire resistance.

If you’re fighting Lokkar, you’ll want at least 50% overcapped fire res

OPstart by shiftiing points from menhirs will to fighting spirit, and grasping vine to storm totem. This allows you to have more flexability to kite, while having much higher OA, and damage output, seeing as you want to do lightning damage rather then physical damage focus. Next I would rework your devotions, to incorporate harp into your build, rather then wendingo.

No maxed Primal Strike, Grasping Vines of all things and rank 16 Wind Devil.

Okay. So, to summarize:

1.) Change Menhir to Fighting Spirit.
2.) Grasping Vines to Storm Totem.
3.) Rework Devotions. (I’d wasted a lot of devotion potions to reset it. How to rework and change my devotions from Wendigo to a Harp?)

Thank you. I appreciated your ideas :wink:

What do you meant? No Max what?

Okay so i need to fix my resist at least 50% overcapped Fire resist and that means redo those faction item augments right?

For Lokarr you need high armor or physical resist, fire resist, lightning resist and defensive ability. He reduces DA by 372, and he has 2807 OA so you’d need about 3179 DA to not get crited by him. Lokarr also reduces your resistances by 40, so at least 40 overcap is needed (at least).

Mad Queen is a little tricky, because you gotta avoid her red buff and be skilled to kill her. Whenever she uses the red buff (a red aura around her), she unleashes solidly damaging spikes (if you damage her by any ranged attack) towards you every time you hit her. This can shred (but not actually kill) every tank. You can avoid that spike cannon if you don’t use anything that is AoE (most AoE skills are also ranged) or ranged.

Mogdrogen is the hardest, you just get a little over 90% lightning resist and a touch of life steal for all the monsters he summons and you’re good to go. The safest lightning resist is 94%. With your set it’s easily possible.

Thank you so much for the detailed information. I need a lot of work to be done.

^pretty much as stated above.

Couple of extras:

Mad Queen is not that dangerous for ranged if distance is maintained - as the dangerous attacks are quite short-ranged. Timing is needed for extended melee and she leeches very heavily in close range; Life leech reduction could be handy.

Lokarr has a short-range AoE stun attack that could be dangerous. It has a fairly long cooldown.

I have not played Ultos Warder so take this with a grain of salt. Also these changes are mainly for all around strength increase not solely for the celestials.


I replaced belt and pants for what imo should be better. If you don’t have them you will have to move skill points and swap augments/components(also depends on gear rolls).

Leathery Hide in Head is mainly for Lokarr/Mog.

Skill wise u can remove scars of battle(put back scaled hide if u do) and the mastery points if u want.
War Cry gives you 25% reduced dmg which is huge.
Blitz for dashing around(how could u live without???) and proccing Widow. U can remove blindside if u only want to fight bosses.

I didn’t put much thought into devotions but should still be an improvement.

And put all your points into physique.

Thank you i appreciated your help. I will try this items and build.

Finally, I killed “Lokarr” got an item drop “Lokarr’s Coat”, Rashalga “The Mad Queen” with a drop of Mad Queens Claw after a lot of runs and last but not the least - Mogdrogen (Took me 30 minutes straight to kill). Attached [QUOTE][/QUOTE]are the pictures.


New Setup
Now that I have played a bit with Primal Strike myself, it is actually very easy to weave in Savagery so i changed skills around a bit for even more power.
Just hold Leftclick down and every 2 secs press RMB(or we savagery is bound to) for tons of extra goodies.

Also new Devotion setup no more Ultos which was restricting quite a bit. This also allows us to bind Arcane Bomb to PS which guarantees 100% uptime of that -35% RR and should increase dps quite a bit.
With this devo setup just pop a Flamedrinker Ointment when u fight Lokarr.

Awesome! Thanks! Friend :+1::blush: