Kinda wish gd keeps getting support like poe but on much smaller scale

I was cruising through forums and have noticed that game has reached the end of it’s lifecycle.
That’s a bummer. Really sad.
Thank you Crate for developing this game.
I didn’t think I would find something like this but I’m glad I did!
I was thinking how great it would be if it kept getting small content drops through future.
Nothing major, quality over quantity always.
New area every 2 months with maybe 5-8 new items, a quest here and there etc.
It would quickly add up, wouldn’t be too exhausting or distracting for team and would keep the game fresh.
Maybe, just maybe add 1 new game mechanic per year but that’s discussion to be made.
Now regarding balancing-that could be tricky, but community here is great and I’m sure it would get sorted out fast.
But that’s just my proposal, I don’t expect anything.

It is a small team and these kinda things takes lots of time. Game is already bloated with areas and quests. If you look in the patch history, adding items, quests and areas happens very seldom. Most patches is about balance.

You have basically not even started playing and is already asking for moar xD “keep the game fresh” just make another build man, the dual class system and the faction system allows for almost endless amount of ways you can replay the game.


This is pretty much what they’ve been doing since Forgotten Gods released back in March 2019. As Zantai said in the latest GM, the game had 8 patches last year; 3 of them major ones.

GD isn’t like PoE, it’s not an always online game that needs refreshing. The game is big enough now; any more will just make it feel bloated and that’s not something Crate want. Also the team have been doing this since 2012 and want a break from the ARPG genre for a while. They won’t get that if they’re still continuing to add stuff to the game. They want to try out other ideas; we know Zantai’s working on a GD related project, but there are others we know nothing about yet. Crate haven’t ruled out maybe adding to GD at some point in the future, but it certainly wouldn’t be on a regular basis like you suggest. That bird has flown now.

If you feel like the vanilla game is getting a bit stale then try one of several mods for the game; some add new masteries to play with, others have completely new maps, etc.


I should’ve read a bit further in a post, damn. If that’s the case, then by all means they should take a break.
I’m just grateful we have this.
But for me personally game can’t get too bloated.
Some things must be adjusted accordingly but that doesn’t mean just because there’s a lot of content you won’t be enjoying it .
Online or offline doesn’t matter. Hell, Dying Light still sometimes gets updated.
But I understand they need to recharge their batteries. 8 years is a lot.

Yea… Some part of the team has always been working on GD in some capacity for the majority of the past decade, even some of the fans, like medea above, have been here since 2010 or thereabouts. Myself, I’ve been watching them do it for over 6 now.

I’m good with them trying different things for awhile now. I’ll still keep playing GD I’m sure, and when I want to mix it up, I’ll do the mods. Heck, I might even decide to have a go at making my own mods at some point.

By the time that finally bores me maybe I’ll look up and see them announcing GD2 coming.

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So when did this game started developing? You say 2010? And yeah, mods are no doubt one of highlights about gd.

It did start before in 2010 technically if memory serves but I believe it was sporadic and slow going until Kickstarter in 2012. They scored about 500k and that got things moving faster. By the end of 2013 it was on Steam Early Access for everyone.

I see. A decade of dedication. They really deserve the money.

You are late to the party :slight_smile: Everything is served for you, enjoy playing the final game and not have to worry about if your char(s) is gonna be “playable” next patch.

So that was a thing? Hehe, I suspect it’s a part of every ARPG lifecycle.
Meh, I should’ve read more carefully so I don’t open threads like a maniac.
But on the other hand-Zantai gets to see fans passion about this.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As usual wiki is your friend

One of the reasons Crate are making a town building game is that Medierra - founder of Crate Entertainment - was beginning to feel burnt out after working on ARPG’s for so many years. So 4-5 years ago he took a step back from the day to day of GD to concentrate on what is now Farthest Frontier.

If you want more insight into how the game’s developed over the years then just scroll down to the bottom of the Development Updates and then work your way up those.

The quality would drop pretty quickly. And creeping power is creeping.

Please no. That’s not what was advertised or what I paid for.

Last time they added a new game mechanic was retaliation added to attack… when FG was released. And we all know how well balanced that mechanic is :wink:



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