Krieg boots won't drop

Hello, I read that this boots should drop from Terrnox. I am at level 96, on elite and tried it now really more than 100 times, but it did not drop.
Is this just very bad luck? Does this monster really drop this boots?
Thanks in advance. (little bit frustrated)

RNG, just how it is
double check you’re in fact on Elite or Ultimate and not merely on veteran, then just keep trying, they do drop
*had a bad RNGesus making me do over 100 runs for a krieg piece too, so you’re not alone :+1:

The probability of not getting it in 108 runs is about 0.5%. Very unlucky but happens to 1/200 players

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You can totally shut down GD and reboot it, and then you will have a totally different luck.
This is how it works.

After more or less than 140 (!) attempts FINALLY the boots dropped.
Thanks for the replies!


Took me many, many, many tries to get the chest piece from Krieg and i only got it AFTER i had already traded for it with someone else. So yeah, it’s just RNG.

It does take longer to reach Krieg compared to Ternox, so it’s extra painful.