Krieg, Karroz and Thalonis...

It would be nice if they worked like Cronley, so that before you start to fight them, you needed to talk them first before the fight begins… it could add more depth behind those characters, since they are part of the game’s plot and it would look more cool than just walking near them and ZOMG BOSS FIGHT!!!


I could be totally wrong, but I THINK you used to be able to talk to the warden before you fought him. Can someone back me up on that?

You still do on Normal unless it changed in B31.

you can’t talk to the warden now, and you couldn’t in b30 either. The warden shouts stuff at you while you fight him, but you cannot engage him in dialogue. I don’t think the player has ever been able to talk to him

Vague recollections of being able to talk to him, but maybe I’m crazy. Like I think before there were other monsters in his room you could.

I’ve been playing since B13 and have never been able to talk to him. The fight always started as soon as I entered his room.