KS Update #13 - New tiers, revised reward chart and new music!

Take a gander. :slight_smile:

Looks great. I want the $375 tier.:o

Oh by the way have you thought about sending out a short email notice to all the Grim Dawn forum members with a reminder about thees last days of the Kickstarter project and to get on board if they havent already?

Pretty nice song. Sounds like something really dangerous is about to happen.

I really hope we make the next stretch-goals. Bonus bosses are way too cool to not have them!
The final stretch-goal would be amazing but I guess reaching it is a bit unlikely that we make it. :confused:

btw: What happened to that 100.000$ guy. Did he ever show up again?

As a Legendary holder, from before Kickstarter…I would honestly rather have the 48$ co-op expansion bundle instead.

My son loves TQ as much as I do. Back when I bought my Legendary pre-order for Grim Dawn, we were’t sure he was going to live due to cancer, and I only bought one copy.

It’s been two years, and he recovered and is doing very well today. Turns 16 in July and we still play TQ on weekends.

Anyway, the Co-Op bundle would be more valuable to me, since he would love to play as well as myself.

The soundtrack and powdered wig really don’t appeal to me, or to say that I wouldn’t be heartbroken if I didn’t get them.

I only went Legendary to get access to Alpha and Beta.

I would gladly contribute another chunk of funding to the project, but we are on a very strict budget right now. Still paying his medical bills that were nearly 1 million dollars of which the insurance only paid 45%. Luckily we had that.

I will stick to whatever rules you guys make, just curious what changes would be made to Legendary orders now.

I know one thing. I am really glad you guys are getting what you need to get this game in our hands! I have been anxious to play it since the first word about it years ago.


Email me with your key and we will switch you to the coop bundle.


is it possible to buy these pre-orders after the end of the KS?

There will be some form of pre-ordering available, but there are no guarantees that the tiers and/or rewards will be the same as are currently available through the Kickstarter project.

only interested in the alpha and beta access, and of the cooperative
and boxed deluxe edition

The $64 or more tier says:

Co-op Digital Collector’s Bundle includes everything from the $50 version plus one additional digital copy of the finished game (does not include duplicates of all the extras).

But on the chart it shows double crosses for the medal, coat, brew, wig and name in the credits. Does this mean we will both receive these items?

Yes, the chart is accurate. Kickstarter doesn’t allow us to edit the text of the rewards. We decided to go crazy on the digital items with this latest update.

You guys rock! My wife said thanks :slight_smile:

Please link the awesome, breathtaking and stunning music tracks from updates #13 and #15 in the media section :slight_smile: