Kymon or Order for bleeding Conjurer?

Hi all. I’m currently playing this build:

and I’m wondering which faction is better for it. Neither seems to stand out in terms of Bleeding damage (although the Order apparently has some Vitality damage), and I don’t really know what else to prioritize.


It doesn’t really matter, what you want from factions are the armor augments, and usually just Outcast + Legion would cover everything.

Aside from Frostburn build that should go for Vigil, I don’t know any build that makes choice of factions matter.

Thanks very much!

Order spawns skeletal warriors which will reflect your bleed frequently.

Killing skeletons with bleed is tedious while killing KC zealots with it is easy

I don’t really agree with that. Ring and Amulet augments are quite different between the two and should be considered. Kymons Chosen gives you access to the Kymons Fury augment which has +30% Bleeding (and +30% Physical, +2% DA).

Use to see the different options.

Most people go for the Devil Crossing augment (the 20% all damage and 2% to OA and DA) anyway for rings and amulet.

It usually ends up at if you want to fight Iron Maiden or Zantarin.